Virtual Reality Experience in London

Virtual Reality Experience in London

Put down your gun and step away from the zombie!’ Sounds like something you’d hear in a film, doesn’t it? What would you think of being able to enter a world where this wouldn’t sound out of place? Imagine simply putting on a headset, wearing a backpack and holding a gun before being confronted by zombies or aliens; you and a group of friends have to fight for your survival, and planet Earth’s. This is the virtual reality experience that people are opting for as a new way to find a complete adrenaline rush. Now you don’t need to jump out of an aeroplane or bungee jump off a bridge, unless it’s of the virtual reality variety! You can take part in something exhilarating that is both safe and is an experience that you should be talking about for a long time after you’ve finished.

Is it really realistic?

This is gaming and whether you’re a seasoned gamer or not, you shouldn’t fail to be impressed by the graphics presented in your virtual reality world. While the graphics are computerised, they are responsive to your movements, so you will quickly forget that they aren’t real. Moreover, the headsets completely take over your vision to make you believe you are in the other domain. Alongside entertainment, virtual reality has a lot of practical uses, in areas such as medicine and education. The realistic worlds are useful for training to use equipment or follow procedures, before they are put into practice in reality.

Entertainment value

While virtual reality has benefits for training purposes, it is still a technology that appeals to our desire for something different, exciting and fun. In London, people can go on a virtual reality experience in groups of 5. Normally, players must be 13 or older, and those aged between 13 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult. Choosing from a range of scenarios such as an alien invasion or an apocalypse, people can work together to survive by killing their adversaries in the virtual reality world they are inhabiting for an hour. Players accrue points for themselves and their team as they kill more enemies. This gets people off the sofa away from traditional computer games and standing on their feet, moving around in their own dedicated play space. Friends are united, families aren’t arguing about not having enough time together because of their child’s gaming; this is entertainment for everyone.

How much is it?

There is a whole range of prices to suit your pocket, depending on how far you book in advance, so it is beneficial to plan ahead. For an experience of a lifetime, prices are definitely competitive and beat paying the high prices of home virtual reality kits, especially if you want several people to participate. Gift vouchers can also be purchased from venues, so if you want to put it on your Christmas list, you can get the gift you want and reduce costs even further. Venues will definitely give you value for money with training on the use of equipment before play, as well as relaxation areas and fully licensed bars to sit and relax in.

So, if saving the world sounds right up your street, find your nearest virtual reality experience. It doesn’t have to be left to your imagination anymore.