What Type of Massage is Best for Me?

What Type of Massage is Best for Me?

 You are probably one of the many individuals these days asking; “what type of massage is best for me?” Considering that there are many different types of massage available today, you may find it challenging to select the type of massage that is best for you.

What Type of Massage to Choose?

You are experiencing headache, your back pain is killing and your neck cracks each time you look up. You probably need some pampering. A massage seems to be the perfect thing to knock out those kinks and get muscles feeling relaxed and supple again. But the question you often asked is “what type of massage is best for me?”

The following are ideal choices you can try:

  • Swedish Massage

This type of massage is the most common and especially designed to warm up muscle tissues to release unwanted toxins, soreness, and tensions. In this type of massage, strokes are slower and longer than other types of massage. The Swedish massage can actually be done using the hands and sometimes, with the forearms. This massage uses deeper or lighter pressure, however; strokes are longer from shoulders up to lower back and then back up. Swedish massage is very relaxing and this is recommended if you have never had massage before.  I like to get my Swedish Massage from the best day spa in Charlotte, NC.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

Have you ever asked “which type of massage for me now that I am experiencing painful and tight muscles?” Well, the answer for this is deep tissue massage. This is also good for postural problems, recovery from injuries and repetitive strains. Deep tissue massage is the combination of several techniques used in increasing level of pressure applied into the body. This is often done mostly with elbow or the forearm to help exert added pressure into the tissues. Most of the deep tissue techniques here are done at a slower pace with plenty of communication between the client and the therapist.

  • Trigger Point Works

This type of massage is ideal for highly-localized “knots” wherein the body holds tensions. Trigger point work is specially designed to effectively get to the little knots. This is usually done using elbow or knuckle and thumb in order to apply static pressure into those points. This type of massage helps in getting muscle tissues back into normal a state.

  • Hot Stone Massage

This massage is best to ease your muscles with no deep pressure. This also maximizes massage time. Hot stone massage may feel and look too good for therapeutic, however, the stones can actually serve essential clinical purposes. Massage therapists may use rounded edge of stones around shoulder blades, in neck area and low back to relax tissues between bone and muscles.

There might be many different types of massage to choose from but the best type is the one that perfectly suits your needs. Also, the best massage experience can only be attained if you have chosen the right massage therapist to execute the job. In such way, you will be able to get the right massage to benefit you and your body the most.