The Easiest Pallet DIYs to Nail The Farmhouse Look

The Easiest Pallet DIYs to Nail The Farmhouse Look

Pallet DIYs are one of the easiest ways to get the farmhouse look. From ceilings to small projects we’ve got all the best pallet ideas.

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Everyone in their right mind wants to have that perfect farmhouse interior, no matter what style of house they live in! But ugh, trendy items always come with such a high price tag. 

If you’re in a bit of a bind, but have some time for pallet DIYs on your hands, I have good news for you. These easy projects, all made from wood from pallets, will give your house that “shabby chic” look for cheap, and make your house feel like home.

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How does one make their bathroom look like a farmhouse? I have one idea: this pallet wood wall! It adds a little farmhouse flair to even the smallest spaces to bring your bathroom from “meh” to “wow!”

Ceilings are one of those things that just don’t feel like they can be improved, but if you are running out of space to change your decor, this easy pallet DIY is a unique way to get that rustic farmhouse look in any room for cheap.

Have you ever shopped for planters for your bushes outside, only to realize the only available options are not ideal, and they’re also expensive? These beautiful planters made out of pieces of pallet wood, assembled using only simple tools, are one of those outdoor projects that take little effort, but are the perfect addition to your garden.

If you are absolutely not a woodworker, this wood sign is the DIY for you. It’s an extremely easy way to use up some old pallets and get that rustic look without too much effort. Just a little sanding, paint, and wood stain can go a long way to make this look like your very own version of the craft.

Updating the light fixtures in your home can be challenging. But one of my favorite DIY ideas is to use old barn wood to create a beautiful light fixture. You can pair the finished product with mason jars around your lights to finalize the look and give it a little bit more of a farmhouse vibe.

Blanket ladders are the perfect way to have easy access to your blankets without having big, clunky baskets everywhere. If you need to save some space, put some pieces of wood to good use by building this easy blanket ladder.

Am I the only one who thinks porch furniture is way too expensive? Building your own bench out of pallets is an easy, economical way to take that farmhouse style outdoors! There are a lot of different ways you can customize it to fit your own backyard, and the best part is, it’s a great deal! The easiest way to spruce it up even more is to throw some cute cushions on there and call it a day.

One of my favorite easy DIY farmhouse decorations is this cute centerpiece made out of pallet boards. If you have a nail gun or even some wood glue, you can make it easily at home. It’s so cute, it looks like a little flower box on your table, and you can use it in your living room, kitchen, dining room, or anywhere else you see fit.

If you have a wooden pallet and you’d like to make an easy project with it, these pallet wood boards are the DIY for you to hang some pictures or other notes. These rustic frames are a great project for someone who doesn’t want to take on a huge project, but still wants to bring a unique look to their home. If you want to amp it up, use some black paint so you can customize it yourself with chalk paint or a white paint marker.

One of the simplest ways to make your breakfast in bed or charcuterie extra special is by incorporating some DIY farmhouse decor ideas! This easy pallet wood tray is the easiest project ever, and it can be made a different size if desired to fit your needs. Add some mason jar drinks for an easy DIY farmhouse themed meal.

Tis the season for ice cold drinks, and if you’re in need of some outdoor furniture for your fun summer flings, this simple project is the one for you. All you need are some basic tools and pallets to create this perfect summer beauty.

I’m always looking for DIY’s that will make people ask where I bought them. These custom-made wooden letters are absolutely stunning, and all my guests comment on how cute they are. Little do they know, all I used were some worn out blinds and a pallet!

Just reading this blog post is a great start for anyone who wants to create some easy DIY farmhouse decorations. I hope these DIY pallet projects give you an easy place to start on your home decor, and help you feel confident in the way your home looks this summer!

Which one of these pallet DIYs is your favorite?? There are so many good ones to choose from.

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