Straight teeth for a healthier smile

Straight teeth for a healthier smile

A lot of people feel very self-conscious about their teeth. It is known that society favours those with straight teeth, with people forming opinions about a person’s attractiveness and health simply by looking at their teeth. This can have a significant effect on a person’s ability to interact in social and business situations, not only due to other people’s perceptions, but their own self-conscious thoughts regarding their teeth as well.

It is not only for appearance however. Straighter teeth are able to be kept more clean due to the fact that there are less ‘difficult to reach’ places when the teeth are aligned neatly next to each other. This means that there is less chance for plaque, disease and decay to take hold if a person makes certain that they have an appropriate standard of oral hygiene.

An orthodontist in Harley Street can provide people with the opportunity to have the straight teeth that they desire. It is common to see teeth aligning systems as a rite of passage for young adults, however, more and more adults are taking advantage of the technology and devices that are becoming available for them, in order to quickly and easily straighten their teeth.

What kinds of braces are available?

Depending on the severity of each individual’s case, there will be potentially several different solutions available to them. Depending on the age and needs of the individual, different treatment plans can also be discussed to suit their lifestyle.

It is important that parents take their children to visit a dentist frequently, so that if early detection of an incorrect bite is found, treatment can begin as soon as possible.

A misaligned bite can be very debilitating to those who have one. It can affect speech and the way they eat, causing problems as children grow. Teeth can also potentially be prematurely worn down which can have a negative effect later in life as well.

By aiming to fix such issues as quickly as possible, treatment can be completed and life can continue on. For these kinds of cases, traditional wire braces are most typically used. They allow the dentist some freedom to adjust the position of teeth and jaws in complex situations.

For those who have an aligned bite but have crowded or gappy teeth, there are many other forms of braces that can be worn that can blend in with their lifestyle. These more cosmetic solutions work on less complex cases. By speaking to a dentist about such devices, a patient will understand if they are right for them.

Favoured by adults, these removable clear aligners are a quick and simple way to straighten a smile without needing to visit the dentist frequently. By being able to remove the aligners to eat and to brush teeth, patients do not need to stop eating certain foods or change their oral hygiene routine.

Other treatments are available which are specifically designed for certain common cases that are presented. By discussing their smile goals with their dentist, patients are able to determine which treatment will be most suitable for them.