Remodelaholic | Printable Woodland Animal Nursery Art Set

Remodelaholic | Printable Woodland Animal Nursery Art Set

Decorate your baby’s room with ease using this printable woodland animal nursery art set! Featuring six adorable forest creatures in all 4 seasons, plus 3 additional scenes — including a starry night sky. 

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Woodland Animal Nursery Wall Art

Since we first shared our winter woodland creature nursery art set a few years ago, we’ve gotten lots of requests:

Can I get this without the words?

Do you have a spring (or summer or fall) background instead? 

I would love to print this larger than 8×10!

Good news: the wait is up! We’ve worked with our talented designer to give you all these variations — and more!

woodland nursery art set: neutral gray forest scene

All 6 adorable creatures are back, in the original winter woodland background plus 6 new backgrounds — one for each season, the neutral gray forest above, and the starry night sky shown below!

woodland nursery art set: starry night sky scene

Print as smaller 8×10 nursery gallery wall art, or we’ve enlarged the quality of the prints so you can print up to 16×20 for BIG nursery wall art.

Printable files do not contain the watermark.

Here’s a woodland animal bunny in spring, with beautiful pink blossoms:

A woodland squirrel enjoying the summer’s green leaves:

And a woodland bear ready for fall and autumn colors:

And don’t forget a woodland fox enjoying the evergreen pines and some winter snow!

We’ve also got the original neutral gray birch tree background, without the text, and with or without the snowflakes — shown here with the woodland raccoon:

And a new background for all you star gazers — a night sky background, shown here with the woodland deer:

Pair this woodland animal set with our Custom Important Date Art and Personalized Carved Birch Tree Art.

How to Print This Woodland Animal Nursery Art

Or, save 40% and get them all in the bundle!

Choose the one that fits your nursery theme best, or bundle to get all 6 at a discount, and swap your decor seasonally. (It’s a favorite easy decor trick of ours.)

After your purchase, your files will be delivered right away via email or by accessing your order from the link in your order confirmation.

woodland nursery art set: summery green forest scene

Once you’ve received the files, you must first unzip the folder (directions here if you need).

Print the woodland creature art set on your home printer, or upload the JPG files to your favorite photo printer.

The files are sized to print as 8×10 or up to 16×20. Printing at a different ratio (such as 4×6, 5×7, or 11×14 or) will require some cropping.

woodland nursery art set: snowy evergreen winter scene

We’d love to see photos of you how use these woodland animal prints in your nursery or child’s room — or anywhere you choose to use them!

Cassity started Remodelaholic with her husband, Justin, to share their love for knocking out walls together. Since then, Remodelaholic has become a great community and resource for all those wanting to know how to make their builder-grade home BEAUTIFUL on a budget!

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