Remodelaholic | Printable Spice Labels for a Modern Farmhouse Style Spice Rack & Pantry

Remodelaholic | Printable Spice Labels for a Modern Farmhouse Style Spice Rack & Pantry

In the grand scheme of things, having an organized spice cupboard doesn’t seem as high priority as having an organized entryway or an organized closet or even an organized pantry — but when it comes down to it, having the little things organized makes a BIG difference! I finally changed up my spice organization to something much more beautiful and functional and my pretty farmhouse spice rack makes me happy to look at and happy to be able to find just what I’m looking for when I’m cooking and baking. And our custom fillable spice and pantry labels to download make it ridiculously easy!


Would you believe that this all started looking (no judgment!) like this?

Modern Farmhouse Spice Rack + Printable Pantry & Spice Labels

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Okay, it’s not really THAT hard to believe that the mishmash of spice bottles can get so out of control — I think that’s reality more often than not, since those little bottles just aren’t going to organize themselves. I considered building a $3 tiered spice organizer, but this cabinet by our stove was too narrow to really fit the spices like I wanted, and I was tired of the spinning spice rack (not pictured, because I was THAT ready to get rid of it!) taking up valuable countertop space since we moved and downsized our kitchen last year. (Plus, I’d been using it for years and was ready for a change.) I wanted to totally revamp our spice cupboard — and make it NOT a cupboard.

I considered making a mini mason jar spice shelf or a building my own space-saving spice rack… but I happened to be browsing Amazon and this wire wall rack popped up for a great price. Sold! (It’s only a couple bucks more now than when I purchased it, and it’s still the lowest priced one I found.) I browsed a bit more and in 2-day Amazon Prime shipping time, I had everything I needed to revamp my spices (and a few pantry essentials) to be organized and stylish in a modern farmhouse kinda style. I cleaned out that narrow cupboard and got rid of the spinning spice rack to reclaim some countertop space, too! Here’s what I added to my cart:

I ordered two sets of the glass spice jars so I could fill the entire spice rack (plus a spare) but I ended up keeping the smaller bottles of lesser-used spices on the top shelf  instead of organizing them elsewhere or putting them in the new jars (which they wouldn’t fill completely). So if you fill all 4 tiers of the shelf, you could fit 36 spice jars (9 on each row) but I only used 27. Nine jars on each row fits great — 8 looked a little sparse to me, but did make it a little easier to tilt the bottles to remove them from the shelf. Both sets that I purchased came with shaker lids as well, which I have really liked!

Farmhouse Minimalist Printable Spice Labels + Pantry Labels

Our designer worked her magic to make some spice labels inspired by these pretty canisters we saw at West Elm, complete with matching pantry labels for larger canisters to store cooking and baking essentials, or snacks like Cassity has in her awesome pantry containers. You can grab these labels over in the Remodelaholic Shop, or by clicking the button below — there is a free-for-now pre-filled version featuring common spices and pantry items, and an editable version so you can customize the labels to fit your needs. (Prefer spice lid labels like we used in our countertop spice bin? Get those here.)

Customizing the labels couldn’t be easier! After you’ve downloaded the PDF from the shop, open the file in Adobe Reader (not in your browser) and just click in each of the fields to type what you’d like each of the labels to say. You can customize both the amount and contents of the bottle or canister on both sizes of labels, and the “instructions” for that particular item on the larger pantry labels — spice, stir, snack, etc.

Then just print and stick on the spice jar, pantry container (<– we used those in our pantry makeover and love them), ceramic storage canister, cookie jar, bread box, condiment tray pots… you get the idea. And don’t stop in the kitchen — these customizable clear labels would be great for labeling acrylic bathroom storage jars, school supply caddies, anything! We browsed and found some excellent labeling candidates for you — clear and white, plus some wood tones and lighter colors that would look really nice, too! This clear canister set has colorful lids in many different colors — perfect for adding a pop of color to the kitchen!

The labels look great on both the glass spice jars and the enameled white tin canisters — it’s hard to photograph glass spice jars well, but the labels are clearly readable, even on the glass. And the black rim on the metal canisters makes these minimalist black and white labels look SO high end! Even better than the West Elm version, if I do say so myself. 😉

I buy our most-used spices in larger bulk bottles, but instead of having those taking up valuable space on the lower cupboard shelves, now I have moved those to an upper cupboard, where they’re still accessible when I need a refill, but not taking up my most-accessible and valuable cupboard space. I’m loving the look and accessibility of this new wall-mounted spice rack so much! And if the farmhouse wire look isn’t your style, I think these would look amazing in this “invisible” spice rack, too!

How do you organize your spices and your pantry essentials?

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