Remodelaholic | Large Outdoor DIY Monogram Letter Planter Box

Remodelaholic | Large Outdoor DIY Monogram Letter Planter Box

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How to Build a Large Outdoor DIY Monogram

A few years back, we fell in love with this creative and LARGE outdoor monogram flower planter that Michelle and Ryan from Ellery Designs built.

They shared their general tutorial here and it went viral!

Since then, we’ve been inundated with requests for more detailed woodworking plans for specific letter planters.

We collaborated with Ryan and Michelle to adapt their method to make it a little easier and to use more commonly available cedar board sizes.

The video above shows an overview of how to build a large wood monogram following Michelle and Ryan’s technique which is detailed in each wood monogram letter plan.

To build a DIY monogram letter planter box:

This letter-shaped vertical planter makes a nice statement for your own patio or front porch, as a housewarming gift, or as decor for an outdoor wedding, too!

How big is this large wood monogram?

These large wooden monogram letters are each designed to be 54″ tall and 5″ deep, and vary between 42-48″ wide depending on the letter.

That’s 4 1/2 feet tall and 4 feet wide!

Just look at how big this planter stands, and think of how amazing it will look all filled up with flowers!

Letter M Monogram Planter, built by Debbie and her Dad

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What skill level can build this monogram planter?

Anyone from a beginner to an advanced woodworker can build a monogram planter thanks to our detailed woodworking plans.

We did all the math for you so you don’t have to figure out which angles to miter or bevel to create the wood letter shapes.

Some letters are easier to build than others, and are built with only 90 and 45 degree miter cuts, and no angled bevels on the edges:

Other letters require a few more complex angles to create the letter shapes, but again — we’ve done all the geometry and angles for you in the plans! So all you need to do is tune up your saw and start cutting.

Plans for each of the letters are coming to the shop, so sign up here to be notified when your planter letter plans are ready!

Any beginning woodworking who is ready to up their skills can build this planter. Just pay close attention to your angles and measure carefully as you build for a pro-level build.

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What tools do I need to build a monogram planter?

As you can see in the video above, a is a must for the miters and bevels required to make the wood monogram shapes.

A is also recommended for a beveled tight fit on the planter slats, but you can also trim the boards to width (with or without beveling) using a circular saw.

(When you do up your DIY game and purchase a table saw, be sure to build a nice table saw workbench, too!)

You’ll also need a pocket hole jig for assembling the backing, a brad nailer, and a drill/driver, plus an outdoor/exterior wood glue.

For any woodworking plan, we also recommend bar clamps, a high quality measuring tape, a carpenter’s square, and, of course, proper safety gear!

How much does it cost to build this large monogram letter planter?

This planter is designed using weather resistant and long-lasting cedar boards.

The exact number of boards needed varies by letter, and, of course, lumber prices vary greatly right now! Our letter D cost about $120 in lumber, and most letters require a similar number of cedar boards.

Can I build with pine instead?

Of course — as a DIYer, you can always change the material! Common pine boards (or whitewood boards) won’t last long outdoors, though, and tend to be less straight than cedar or other higher priced lumber.

If you’ll be using your monogram for faux flowers indoors, then pine boards would likely be fine.

Outdoors, we still recommend cedar, and look how great Michelle’s monogram K still looks even years later!

How do you hang a large monogram?

This monogram planter is BIG and when it’s filled with dirt and plants, it’s heavy, too.

To hang this safely and securely, we recommend drilling directly through the planter backing and into the side of the house (or fence) using extra long screws in multiple places.

As always, be sure to match your fastener to your material for a strong and durable hanging planter!

Want a large letter, but no flowers? Build a large wood monogram letter like this.

What can I plant in a vertical monogram letter planter?

You’ll need to plant flowers that will thrive according to the location of the planter. Matching sun and shade needs is important!

The planter provides about 3 1/2″ of soil depth, so most annuals will do well when their sun, water, and soil needs are met.

Readers have reported success with growing portulaca (moss rose) and viola, violet, and pansy plants as well.

Succulents (with a well-fitted soil mix) or herbs can also be grown in this vertical planter.

For Michelle’s planter on her shaded porch, impatiens thrive during the spring and summer and the mums look great in the fall, too!

As with any raised planter, be sure to water adequately so the plants don’t dry up! Michelle reports watering her impatiens about every 3 days.

Or, use our easy early spring trick…. use fake flowers 😉

Michelle has also swapped out her annuals for faux flowers, faux fall flowers and decor, and filled it up with Christmas garland, too, so live plants are not required for this monogram to look amazing!

Get your outdoor monogram letter planter plans here:

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