Remodelaholic | Gorgeous Coffee Tables

Remodelaholic | Gorgeous Coffee Tables

More helpful info: How to style a coffee table, unique DIY coffee tables, and all things living rooms.

SGPH 2019 House 03 Cole West Resorts LLC, Photo by Remodelaholic

Coffee tables add to a living room with decor, texture, storage, to place things on, and more! If you are ready to add a new piece of design to your living room, we want to help you out. This week we are sharing where to buy, how to diy, and how to style these useful little tables.

To Buy

Start off by checking out where to buy some of our favorites. Many of these are quite affordable. Maybe even a great idea for gifting or treating yourself! Some also come in different sizes and finishes. Be sure to click over to see all of the options.

This post contains affiliate links for coffee tables to buy for your convenience. Learn more and read our full disclosure policy here. If you can’t see these images it may be your ad blocker (you might need to disable it), or you can check out the list below.

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Nothing new catching your eye? Looking for a custom project? We’ve got you covered. Try one of these tutorials or building plans to create a new coffee table using your own hands. Then paint, stain, or finish in your style for a completely customized look.

How to Style

We love to share our favorite ideas to inspire you and teach you how to style items in  your home. Here are some home show photos to get your creative juices flowing.

SGPH 2019 House 18 American Heritage Homes, Photo by Remodelaholic

Go for a double look and add even more table space. This one is unique because it has an upholstered top on the larger table and a hardwood top on the second table.

SGPH 2019 House 20 Split Rock Fine Homes, Inc, Photo by Remodelaholic

If you living room area is larger, go for a larger coffee table. This one is unique with an asymmetrical vibe. Create the same look by placing the coffee table off to the side of a rug instead of centered in the middle.

SGPH 2019 House 22 SunRiver Construction, LC, Photo by Remodelaholic

Next, if you want add a couple of well thought out decor pieces. Including books, vases, and other unique decor pieces.

SGPH 2019 House 23 Ivory Southern, LLC, Photo by Remodelaholic

Use trays!!! Trays help organize a coffee table by grouping items together for a more organized cohesive look.

SLPH 2018 Home 10 Hardrock Homes, Photo by Remodelaholic

If you need lots of table space find matching end tables to go with your main coffee table.

UVPH 2018 Home 31 Raykon Construction, White + Gold Design, Photo by Remodelaholic

Bowls are also a great alternative to trays and can be used in a similar way.

UVPH 2018 Home 26 Murdock Builders, Photo by Remodelaholic

Lastly, be sure to add a little piece of you. Express yourself with unique pieces. Add a pop of color, or a fun figurine.

Which table are you eyeing for your living room???

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