Remodelaholic | Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Decor: Dollar Store Gold Skeletons

Remodelaholic | Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Decor: Dollar Store Gold Skeletons

Make your own funny DIY Halloween decorations with this inexpensive dollar store skeleton idea! These shelf-sitting skeletons in gold are a little glam and a little spooky for your Halloween mantel. 

Happy Saturday, Remodelaholics! Today we have a really fun, cheap, and easy (a DIYers favorite three words, right?) DIY Halloween decoration idea for you. I saw some clever shelf-sitting gold skeletons in a local store here but the sticker price was a little steep for me for Halloween decorating. Instead, I hit up the dollar store and the craft supply section at Walmart and made my own dollar store skeletons to sit on our easy DIY wood mantel!

Easy DIY Halloween Decorations: Funny Dollar Store Skeleton Hack

Pretty please watch the video to see the process of turning the glow-in-the-dark dollar store skeletons into classy gold skeletons for super easy DIY Halloween decorations ( including some silly real-life stuff from us!) Give the video a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to our channel, too, for new videos every week!

How to Make Gold Skeletons to Sit on a Mantel or Shelf

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You just need 3 things to make your own shelf-sitter skeletons:

These dollar store skeletons were a fun Halloween decorating project and I’m so thrilled with how they turned out! I’ve always thought the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” statues were just kind of a silly fun thing to add character to a room, but for Halloween and in GOLD, I seriously love these guys.

They’re quirky and cute and it was a fun dollar store hack to make some uniquely spooky DIY Halloween decor for my mantel. Please share the video with your friends and pin this post to save it for later!

Prefer silver over gold? Our reader Heather took our golden skeletons idea and ran with it:

Heather painted the dollar store skeletons silver then used black acrylic to create this metallic look. So cool! Thanks for sharing, Heather! (submitted 9/20/18)

Silver or gold skeletons are outside the traditional orange and black, but they also match nicely with the plywood pennant banner and the other elements that we kept from our neutral fall mantel. 

The Halloween spooky ghost watercolor printable is one of my favorites of the whole holiday set! Grab it here in the shop — the set features 10 seasonal prints, including the happy fall seen on our fall mantel.

For more easy DIY Halloween decorations, check out this post for high-impact but cheap decorating ideas! From easy and cheap Halloween porch decor to making your own giant spider webs and easy tricks for decorating your mantel and your whole house — it’s all here!

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