Remodelaholic | 55+ Colorful Neutral Rugs

Remodelaholic | 55+ Colorful Neutral Rugs

Neutral rugs are a great way to add texture and anchor a room together. A neutral rug doesn’t have to be boring colors, or plain. Many rugs in a variety of colors can work as a neutral.

Don’t worry if you want something different, we’ve got great ideas from vintage style rugs, to green and blue area rugs, to all types of affordable area rugs.

We love rugs of all shapes and sizes. There are so many different textures, edges, colors, patterns, and designs. And neutral doesn’t have to mean only gray, brown, blacks, whites, etc. Other colors can be neutrals. An oriental rug with a variety of colors can be considered neutral. Or some shades of blues, greens, etc. can also be very neutral.

Shop all of the rugs here, and then below find them broken out by basic traditional neutral colors and more colorful neutral rug options. Some of the rugs come in a few different colors too, so they fit in both categories.

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Traditional Neutral Rugs

Click the arrows on either side of the image below to see neutral rugs.

Colorful Neutral Rugs

Click the arrows on either side of the image below to see neutral rugs.

Rug Styling Inspiration

We love sharing ideas with you in real life rooms on how to utilize these neutral rugs in your own home. Rugs can add another layer of design to just about any room in your home.

Living and Family Rooms

SGPH 2019 House 03 Cole West Resorts LLC, Photo by Remodelaholic

This blue southwester style rug really goes well with a neutral couch and adds a pop of something special to the design of this living room space.

SGPH 2019 House 22 SunRiver Construction, LC, Photo By

If going with a dark statement wall, add a lighter neutral rug to help balance a living room space.

SGPH 2019 House 23 Ivory Southern, LLC, Photo by Remodelaholic

A bold color like this pink rug can look like a really bold move, but really with the traditional oriental rug pattern, it looks more neutral and adds a statement to this fairly neutral room, and could easily be changed without much work.

Dining Rooms

SGPH 2019 House 05 JAR Real Estate Development, Photo by Remodelaholic

A large area rug under a dining table, can make a space feel more homey. This look is more of a neutral on neutral, but the pattern really adds depth to the area.

SGPH 2019 House 24 K Welch Homes, Photo by Remodelaholic

If going for a neutral on neutral look, add a jute rug with texture to add more visual interest.

SGPH 2019 House 12 DG Ventures, LLC, Photo by Remodelaholic

Here is a great example of using a blue gray as a neutral on ivory pattern in the bedroom.

SGPH 2019 House 22 SunRiver Construction, LC, Photo by Remodelaholic

Again a beautiful pattern makes this neutral room pop with a black and white neutral rug.

UVPH 2018 Home 27 Foster Custom Homes, Megan Rae Interiors, Photo by Remodelaholic

A fun floral wallpaper is a great feature that can be complimented even more with a pretty neutral but colorful rug.

What room would you love to have one of these neutral rugs in? How would you style it?

Complete the look by adding a new mirror, wall shelf, or dining table to accompany a beautiful neutral rug.

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