Remodelaholic | 12 More Wooden Ladder Decor and Storage Ideas

Remodelaholic | 12 More Wooden Ladder Decor and Storage Ideas

A blanket ladder can hold more than just quilts! These DIY ladder decor and storage ideas show you how you can use a simple vintage or DIY ladder to organize any room. 

Build your own blanket ladder 3 ways with our tutorials: pallet wood blanket ladder  |  easy $5 blanket ladder  |  vintage style orchard ladder.

See more ladder decor ideas here and porch ladder decor ideas here.

Wooden Ladder Decor and Storage Ideas

Make something functional AND beautiful — that’s always my goal! These blanket ladder ideas also add storage to any room in the house, for more than just blankets.

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Ladder with Baskets

Adding baskets to a ladder is a great way to add vertical interest while adding functional storage and organization, too. This vintage ladder via BHG uses old metal grates as shelves, too!

You can build your own ladder with baskets by using our plans to build a $5 blanket ladder or angled orchard ladder, then adding baskets like our picks below. Or you can buy it all in one click with a basket ladder like this!

(See more storage ladders at the bottom of the post, too.)

Blanket Ladder with IKEA Baskets

IKEA is one of our favorite stops for organizing items such as baskets (like we used in our entryway here).

These hanging baskets are cheap and fit right over the rungs of a wooden ladder! (Blue Sage Designs via Knock Off Decor)

Outdoor Dining Ladder Organizer

Adding baskets to a ladder to hold servingware works for an outdoor bbq or an indoor party! See this at Love and Renovations.

Add some S hooks or wooden pegs to a leaning blanket ladder to make an easy entry organizer that can hold coats, hats, and bags. (via Urban Outfitters)

Or double it up for double entryway storage with S hooks and baskets (original source unknown).

Blanket Ladder Hall Tree and Organizer

This clever blanket ladder shelf features hooks for coats and a basket for shoes, or use it for blankets and living room organization, too.

Ladder Magazine Holder

This vintage ladder started out as a magazine holder in her spare bedroom:

Bathroom Organizer Ladder

…but then she repurposed it into a bathroom organizer in her gorgeous cottage bathroom makeover!

A couple of leather straps to attach a rectangular wire basket like this to the ladder rung for easy storage – brilliant! (See more ideas for adding baskets to ladders.)

Bathroom Towel Ladder

Towel bars aren’t always convenient, especially for multiple towels in a hard-working bathroom, but a blanket ladder to hold towels gives you some versatile storage for towels!

See this one by Amanda from 12 Oaks featured here.

This modern metal towel ladder is a great idea for a towels by a freestanding tub in Love Create Celebrate‘s gorgeous bathroom, too!

Towel Rope Ladder

For a smaller bathroom in need of just one towel or just a hand towel, you can conserve floor space with this DIY wall rope ladder for towels.

Over the Toilet Storage Ladder

Leave out a few rungs at the bottom and add a basket to make an easy over-toilet storage area for a small bathroom. (Holston Cottage via Cutting Edge Stencils)

Kitchen Towel Ladder

If you love pretty or clever/funny kitchen towels, show them off on a DIY countertop towel ladder! This freestanding towel ladder also has space for utensils, or use it for spices.

Wall-Mounted Towel Ladder

In the same style, mount a mini ladder to the wall to hold hand towels and bath towels! Modify our plans here, or get this one here. 

Fruit Basket Ladder

Leave the base off the mini countertop ladder (or buy one like this) and lean it against the wall while it sits on your countertop. Add baskets for an easy countertop storage ladder, fruit basket, or other organization! (image via Pinterest)

Kitchen Storage Ladder

Monster Circus build a copper and wood ladder and then added S hooks for commonly used pots and kitchen tools. Great for adding space to a rental kitchen!

Kitchen Ladder Pot Hanger

Hanging a ladder horizontally from the ceiling in the kitchen makes a creative pot hanger! See this one by Refunk My Junk plus more clever kitchen storage ideas here.

Laundry Room Ladder

Floor space is often at a premium in standard small laundry rooms (or even smaller closet laundry rooms!).

Hanging a ladder from the ceiling makes excellent use of space while providing a much needed drying rack. Get the details from Little Lucy Lu featured here.

Same idea… in another room! Hang a ladder horizontally with brackets or corbels for closet hanging storage, as an improvised closet or entryway organizer (original image source unknown)

or hang a ladder between cube shelves for a whole open closet setup. (by Martha Stewart via Bob Vila)

Blanket Ladder Valet Stand

Use a blanket ladder as a simple valet stand to hang the next day’s clothes or to store scarves, belts, etc. Pegs/knobs and S hooks make it easy to hang a purse or bag, too. (via Wayfair)

Storage Ladder with Shelf

Add a shelf like this ladder — just a notched board will do the trick! (Depending on the shape and size of the rungs, you might need a bracket or two as well.)

Like that block stool? Build a similar one with our plans. 

Buy or DIY a Blanket Ladder with Baskets and Storage

Use our plans to build a $5 blanket ladder or angled orchard ladder, or shop below for our picks for a blanket ladder with extra storage baskets, bins, shelves, or hooks.

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