How to Make Your Tired Kitchen Cabinets as Good as New

How to Make Your Tired Kitchen Cabinets as Good as New

As an expert in all things salvage, I love to make do and mend where possible around the home, and your kitchen is no exception! Completely remodelling your kitchen can be particularly expensive and with the average household’s budget stretched to the limit, more and more homeowners are looking for home improvements to transform their kitchen from drab to fab on a budget.

Your cabinet doors are the main focal point of your entire kitchen space and with the following tips you can make them look as good as new, and make your kitchen the hub of the home once more.

Revamp your storage solutions

Generally kitchen cabinets are there to not only look good, but to provide enough storage for your food and appliances, however, over time as our belongings accumulate cabinet space dwindles and turns your kitchen into a bit of a bomb site! Take control of your kitchen by introducing some handy storage solutions to the inside of your cabinets. There are a number of storage additions available, such as cupboard, counter and drawer organisations, all of which can create a tidy kitchen on the cheap. You can also install a pull-out cabinet inside your cupboards to maximise space further.

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Adding new storage to your kitchen cupboards and drawers ensures you can unleash your creative side. Craft your own storage options if you’re brave enough and create a made-to-measure solution that suits you.

Add a lick of paint

Darker cabinets tend to make your kitchen look and feel a little tired, however, with a simple paint job you can overhaul this traditional and outdated look for good.

Start by giving your cabinets a thorough clean with a degreaser, over time kitchen cabinets become magnets for dirt, grease and grime created by food preparation and cooking, and this requires a lot of elbow grease to remove. Surfaces must be completely free from dirt before you can repaint and this ensures you can achieve a high-spec, professional finish. After cleaning, sand the surface, ensuring you go with the grain. Remove all sawdust, and apply the primer to prep your cabinets further.

After priming, it’s time to get painting. Opt for oil based or acrylic latex paint for a smooth and seamless look.

Concentrate on cabinet condition

Satisfied with your existing paint job? If you are happy with the colour of your cabinets but want to improve their condition, then a reface could just provide the solution you’ve been searching for. This simple procedure should be completed by an expert and whilst it won’t resolve structural issues, it will improve the appearance of worn cabinets.

Keep a handle on your cabinets

Replacing the handles of your cabinets can work wonders when upgrading your kitchen space, and can transform your cupboards and drawers cheaply and quickly. Cabinet handles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles both online and in store so shop around for your favourites. Transform a traditional kitchen into a modern work of art or turn a contemporary kitchen into a vintage wonderland by adding new handles to your cabinets.

Light up the room

Under-cabinet lighting can also lead to you seeing your kitchen in a whole new light and can also draw attention to focal points in the room such as fruit bowls, wine racks or other items on display. Lighting can transform the mood of any space and with the addition of a dimmer switch you can go from the hustle and bustle of a large family dinner to an intimate meal for two once the kids have gone to bed!

Create a real focal point

By adding a wine or plate rack, you can create an interesting focal point as well as upgrade the layout and style of your wider kitchen. Your best china doesn’t have to stay hidden in one of your cupboards, instead create slotted storage and make the most of your new and improved cabinet system.

Brittany Thorley works for Cheshire Demolition, the North West’s leading salvage, reclamation and demolition specialists. Brittany regularly blogs across the web to share her home improvement and DIY expertise.