Knowing more about CoolSculpting

Knowing more about CoolSculpting

The idea of being able to reshape and redefine your body without the use of surgery is a tantalising prospect for many, and it is perhaps for this reason that CoolSculpting, and many other treatments like it, are becoming ever more popular. With CoolSculpting receiving many positive reviews and feedback from those who have undergone this treatment already, many people may now be considering whether they would be a good candidate for CoolSculpting in London. Armed with the facts and knowledge about CoolSculpting detailed below, you will hopefully be able to make an informed decision about what is best for you.

How can CoolSculpting work without the use of surgery?

Given the widespread knowledge of surgical procedures to reduce body fat such as liposuction, it may perhaps seem strange that there is an alternative procedure which can also reduce body fat but with no surgery. However, CoolSculpting achieves this by delivering precisely controlled and targeted cooling to certain areas of the body. These areas tend to be relatively fatty and are visible bulges on the body that, for one reason or another, are resistant to typical methods of fat reduction and weight loss i.e. diet and exercise.

The cooling of the fat cells causes them to shrivel up and crystallise. After this, these cells will die over the next few weeks, and will then be disposed of thanks to your body’s natural metabolism. As your body continues to metabolise and remove these dead cells, you should begin to notice the targeted areas of your body becoming more shapely and sculpted, with the greatest extent of the results usually being visible somewhere between 14 and 16 weeks after treatment.

This is how CoolSculpting is able to achieve its results without surgery. It is worth noting, that as CoolSculpting works by decreasing the number of fat cells in the body, it is unlikely to reduce weight. This is because weight loss occurs when fat cells decrease in size, not in number. The reduction in the size of fat cells is what will usually occur as a result of diet and exercise. Rather, CoolSculpting specialises in making your body more contoured, and thus gives you a thinner appearance.

The history and safety of CoolSculpting

According to Dr. Eric F Bernstein’s Longitudinal evaluation of cryolipolysis efficacy (cryolipolysis being another term for the cooling and crystallisation of fat cells), numerous studies have led dermatologists to be aware of how cooling fat cells can lead to a reduction in body fat for approximately 50 years. Further study also revealed that this process could be applied safely without damaging the skin on top of the fat, because fat and fat cells are less resistant to the effects of the cold compared to the skin. Tests of the treatment also revealed that the best individual results came from those who had modest and discreet bulges of fat that were targeted, with over 90% of those tested indicating no discomfort (or at least no greater discomfort than expected) from the treatment. Overall, the historical testing process of CoolSculpting demonstrated that this treatment is safe, and has very little downtime or discomfort associated with it.