How To Clear The Clutter Out Of Your Home Fast

How To Clear The Clutter Out Of Your Home Fast

We all hate clutter but it tends to accumulate fast before you even realize it is happening.  The constant decision making to throw something out or just hold onto it for a little while longer is something we face every day.

But if you are doing spring cleaning or trying to get your home ready to sell , you’ll need to go through your home and clear out the clutter.  Nobody wants to live in or buy a cluttered home, so take a weekend and plan to fight the clutter!

What you will need

The most important thing you will need to do is prepare for your decluttering weekend.  Having the necessary items and resources on hand will help make your decluttering project fast and efficient.

  • Boxes to organize your stuff.  Divided into 3 areas, what you will keep, what you will throw away and what you will donate/give away.
  • Plastic trash bags for garbage and cleaning waste
  • Labels to mark your boxes by room and what you will do with each box
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Mop and vaccuum ready to clean the room once it has been decluttered

Once you have these supplies on hand you are ready to start.

Decluttering plan

What separates us amateurs from professional organizers is that they have a plan and system in place so they can declutter fast and efficiently.

Start by listing out what rooms you will be tackling and in what order.  I like to work from the top down, starting with the upper bedrooms and bathroom and eventually making my way down into the basement, but you can use whatever method that works for you.

Clean one room at a time, taking a top down approach.  Start on the upper shelves and work you way to the floor, removing anything that is not staying.

You need to decide fast if something is going to stay, go in the trash or be given away.  Some items, like clothes, toys and linens can go to your local Goodwill.  Some items, like books or electronics can be sold online for some extra cash.  I have sold several used cell phones online and made a lot more than I thought I would have.

Think fast and act fast and don’t change your mind once you have made a decision.

Move trash outside and move anything you will donate or sell into your garage or other area so you can get it out of the house as fast as possible.

Make your way room by room until you end up in your basement, which may times is the worst for storing things we don’t need.

Once the house is fully decluttered, take the trash out and drive your donated items to the local goodwill store to get it out of your house, in case you change your mind or decide to leave it in your garage for 6 months.

After that, go back to the first room and start cleaning and organizing each room, one at a time until you make your way back into the basement.

I find a typical room takes about 45 min to declutter and another 15-30 minutes to clean, so you should be able to do a typical house in about 7-12 hours, which is a lot of work but something that can be done in a weekend.

What are you waiting for?

Nobody wants to live in a cluttered home.  Plan a weekend and get your home decluttered and enjoy a nice, clean livable home again.