A Guide for Buying Luxury Pillow That Is Good For Your Health

A Guide for Buying Luxury Pillow That Is Good For Your Health

A pillow is not only an essential part of bedding that helps in getting a healthy good night sleep. Pillow is also a beautiful piece of decor. A pillow that is perfect for your body reduces the risk of many back and neck problems. Apart from this, the right pillow also saves you from the health problems due to inadequate sleep. However, a beautifully designed pillow with stunning patterns also gives a design touch to your bed or couch. This is the reason why there is a beautiful range of decorative pillows available in the market. And, there are luxury decorative accent pillows for people who love to live a luxury lifestyle. These luxury pillows are very light, soft and breathable.

If you want to renovate your bedroom as a luxury bedroom you see in hotels, you need to buy luxury bedding. And, a luxury pillow is a part of that bedding. However, it might be difficult for some people to choose the right luxury decorative accent pillow. There are factors to be considered for taking an informed decision.

Buying A Luxury Pillow

When it comes to the lifespan of bedding, pillows have the shortest lifespan. Night after night direct pressure on pillows, pillow fight and there are a lot of other things kids do with pillows. So, be it a luxury pillow or any other pillow, you will have to replace the pillow after two or three years. The pillow will no longer provide required support to your head. It will not keep your neck and spine aligned. Apart from this, the pillow will also lose the ability to repel allergens.

Consider Your Sleeping Style While Choosing A Luxury Pillow 

People just see the colour, design, fabric and softness of the pillow. However, this is not enough for buying a luxury pillow that can address your needs. Your sleeping style has an impact on your health. You are likely to suffer from health problems when the pillow is not aligned with your sleeping position. It will not provide adequate support to your spine, neck, head and shoulders. It will disturb the natural alignment of the spine. Therefore, choose your luxury pillow according to your sleeping style. Following are the most common sleeping positions:

  1. Sleeping on back
  2. Sleeping on side
  3. Sleeping on stomach

Pillow for Back Sleepers

Your neck and head need gentle support. Your head is in a comfortable position when it is not pushed far forward. Medium-firm luxury Decorative accent pillows provide adequate support to back sleepers. This will support the natural alignment of the spine and neck.

Pillow for Side Sleeper

A middle to firm pillow is the right pillow for side sleepers. Your head and neck need more height to get good night sleep if you are a side sleeper. The firmness of the pillow will support the natural alignment of the head, neck and spine.

Pillow for Front Sleepers

Your head and neck need a gentle support if you are a front sleeper. Or, in other words, you sleep on your stomach. A soft to medium soft pillow provides the gentle support to your body. This pillow will keep the spine aligned in its natural position.

When It’s Time To Replace The Luxury Pillow

The pillow itself and your own body will indicate the time to replace the pillow. Here is when your pillow is no more a good pillow for you.

Problem in Sleeping 

Pillow flattens with time. The pillow does not keep your head and spine in the natural alignment anymore. The pillow keeps the neck and spine in a position that hurts throughout the night. Apart from this, dust mites in the pillow can cause sneezing and block your nose.

Waking Up In Morning with Aches and Pains

Your body experiences two problems when the pillow loses its ability to support your neck and head. The first problem is muscle pain and the second problem is joint pain. However, a poor sleeping position can also be a cause of muscle and joint pain.

Fading or Discoloration of Pillow

The pillow becomes discolored and stained over time due to a pint of sweat our body loses each night. This also makes the pillow unhealthy and causes bacterial growth.

Always remember one thing about luxury pillows. These pillows are not for pillow fights.

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