Entering a mask-free world with Invisalign in Chelsea

Entering a mask-free world with Invisalign in Chelsea

What is it?

Having misaligned teeth is an extremely common dental issue that has had a variety of treatment solutions throughout history. Whilst in the past, the treatments have been far from inconspicuous, luckily through the combination of advances within modern technology and knowledge removable, clear retainers have been designed. This is where Invisalign in Chelsea fits into place. Comfortable, clear retainers which are easily removed by the individual wearing them, returning the control of the treatment primarily to the patient.

How does it work?

As with the majority of treatments, the process begins with a consultation. During this consultation, a series of photographs and x-rays will be taken along with a physical examination. This enables the dental team to ensure the treatment will be suitable to the patient’s individual case and removes the need for the gunky dental moulds which have frequently been used in previous dental treatments. Whilst discovering whether this treatment is suitable for the patients a full dental health review will be undertaken to ensure that every aspect of the patient’s new smile is covered and the treatment can be carried out in the safest way possible.

Within a couple of weeks, after the consultation has taken place, the patient will receive their first couple of sets of retainers and be shown how to use them efficiently whilst at home and in charge of the treatment. The dental practice then will coordinate with the patient so that they visit the practice every 4 to 6 weeks for a check-up to see how the treatment is progressing. As the treatment progresses more retainers will be provided and the dental team will advise as and when the sets should be switched. The retainers come in sets as the teeth are pushed into place in stages and therefore the retainers will need to work with the teeth’s movement and change along with the adjustments. It is important to know that the changeovers will always be advised by the dental team.

This appointment also enables the patient to learn and understand any alterations they may need to the treatment, for instance, they may be removing the retainers for too long each day. The general guideline is to wear the retainer for 22 hours and to be removed only for food consumption and oral cleaning. If the retainer is removed more frequently or for long periods of time the treatment time will be delayed and the desired effect pushed further into the distance.

Why choose this treatment?

Many people within today’s society are conscious of their appearance within the world and therefore whilst crooked teeth are not necessarily considered to be cosmetically appealing, the idea of braces often puts people off from receiving treatment, particularly when in their adult years. By having the option to have clear, removable retainers, the treatment can remain inconspicuous which suits. Therefore when society no longer has to wear masks and can once again return to mixing within different venues, those receiving treatments do not need to shy away from the social occasions or feel embarrassed whilst receiving treatment.