Ensure Your Garden is Prepared for Spring with a Landscape Designer

Ensure Your Garden is Prepared for Spring with a Landscape Designer

During the winter, it is easy to forget about your outdoor space. Yet, even though you may have ignored it throughout the winter, when spring arrives, you will want your outdoor space to be ready to enjoy. Don’t let the arrival of spring catch you unawares, start preparing your green space for spring now when you hire a landscape designer in London.

Keep reading to find out some of the top ways that a landscape designer can help you prepare your garden for spring!


Turf installation

If your lawn was in rough shape last autumn, then natural turf installation could be a top solution. It is easier for natural turf to take root than individual seeds of grass. This means that instead of looking at a  garden of mud, lamenting your lawn while waiting for seedlings to grow, you can gaze at a lovely green lawn.

You can also switch up the layout of your lawn if you are bored at the uniformity of your grass. A landscape designer can help you plan different levels in your lawn to create a terrace. Then on these different terrace levels, you can plant different types of flowers and shrubbery. This will help to create a new depth to your lawn by adding new visual layers.


Plant greenery

Want to transform your garden into a terrace? Looking to accent your garden as it is? Trees and shrubbery are an excellent way to add depth to your garden with greenery. Yet, with so many different variants available it can be difficult to choose the best trees and shrubbery for your home. That’s where working with a landscape design service comes in handy.

A landscape designer can help you find shrubs and trees of the best height for your outdoor space. They can even help you to create a gradient where a border of larger trees gives way to smaller trees. If you are planning on installing a water feature, this is a great way to draw the eyes towards it.


Create a patio space

A patio is a perfect place to relax and with the help of a landscape designer, you can find the perfect location for yours.

When it comes to patios the only limit is your imagination. For instance, if you have a series of rectangular terraces you may choose to transform one level of your terrace into a patio space.

Then again perhaps you have a rectangular yard and even though you don’t want a terrace you would like to switch it up a bit. In this case, a circular patio space could provide a great solution.

In addition to a variety of shapes, there are also several options to choose from when it comes to the actual material of your patio. You can then use these materials you can create a variety of different aesthetics.

With all of these options and the help of a landscape designer, you’ll be able to say hello to your dream patio in no time!


Install a water feature

A water feature is a fun way to add whimsy style to your garden. Just imagine how lovely it would be to listen to the gentle trickle of a waterfall or fountain in your backyard. Not to mention that birds will surely drop by to take a little drink from its refreshing waters as well.

If you enjoy fish and aquatic plants, then installing a pond is an ideal option. You could even place a patio next to your pond so you can relax while watching your fish.

Once you have installed your water feature, you can then plant flowers around its base. This will provide your feature with a delightful pop of colour that will make your spring even more cheerful!
Accent with picturesque rocks
If you aren’t a fan of garden maintenance, then a rock garden is a great alternative. With a rock garden, there is no need to worry about mowing your lawn. Plus, you can decorate your rock garden with choice wildflowers that require little maintenance. That way once your garden is set up you won’t need to stress about any sort of maintenance.

In the end, when you hire a local service professional no matter whether you are laying natural turf, placing colourful pops of shrubbery or accenting your garden with picturesque rocks, your backyard is sure to feel like an oasis.