Don’t disappear into the depths of the internet

Don’t disappear into the depths of the internet

In this modern day there are over 1.8 billion websites that exist, meaning that standing out from the crowd within your niche is becoming an extremely difficult task. However, there are professionals on hand that can help you when it comes to dental SEO, ensuring that your website ranks amidst the highest when it comes to Google’s search engine. Google is the most used search engine in the world, with around 3.5 billion searches being carried out every day, but if your practice’s website does not appear in the first few results there is a high chance that your practice will go unnoticed. It takes a lot of effort and skill, not to mention time, to achieve a number one result ranking, but with the help of a professional it is more than likely that you will not only achieve a top result ranking but increase your website traffic dramatically too.


Keywords, reviews and shares

There are a range of techniques that can assist you when it comes to search engine optimisation. Keywords are one of the most helpful things, as your future patients are likely to be searching for a short phrase such as “dentist in London” or “where can I get dental implants?”. Using these keyword phrases within blog posts, web pages and metadata will ensure that your webpage is coming up within the top results of Google’s results page when people search for them. Reviews are important too, as not only do they provide new patients with your previous patients’ success stories, but they also demonstrate your capabilities as a practice. If a practice has negative reviews, then people are likely to leave your practice’s page and end up on one of your competitor’s that has better reviews.


Stay focused on being at the top

Once you have achieved a top ranking within Google’s results it is vital that you maintain your position. Updating your website regularly and making use of things such as a professional blog, will increase your chances of staying at the top. A professional blog should be posted to at-least a few times a week, making sure that you have carefully placed your keywords into the text. Professional blogs can be written to answer specific questions, and in some cases, Google will automatically select a section of your blog post and place it at the top of the results page when someone has searched for a question that your blog has the answer to. This is called a Google Snippet, and it will include a link to your website as well. Utilising Google Maps will also help you to get noticed, as your practice’s website and location will come up on the Google Map when someone is searching for a dentist in your location. You can also enable features such as click-to-call which allows future patients to contact you easily. People will also be able to find directions to your practice from wherever they are and find both opening hours and a link to your website here too.