Dental Practices and Websites: Finding new private patients

Dental Practices and Websites: Finding new private patients

In the 21st century, people are increasingly trusting companies that they can check out on their website first. There is no denying that dental treatment is akin to seeking treatment from your doctor, yet while many patients head to their local GP surgery, people are becoming more discerning about their dentist when they are private patients. Prospective patients will spend time researching the dental practice for them and Dental Websites play an important role in forming relationships with them and encouraging them to contact your practice.

For a fast-paced society, however, many people spend less than a minute on a landing page, which doesn’t give a dental practice long to make a great impression. Concise, focused writing is key to a successful page and encouraging people to spend longer on the website. Having a marketing company to create your website can be beneficial to expediting your traffic and conversions to patients in your practice.

What a dental website needs to have

When there are lots of dental practices to choose from, dental practices need to stand out from the crowd and websites are a great way to make a big impression on patients. A marketing company can create bespoke content for your practice that highlights to people what your unique selling points are. They also make the website a personal experience, offering prospective patients the information they need to keep them on the site and wanting more! Information about the practice, the people who work there, the treatments on offer, transparent pricing and links to social media, successful treatment stories and blog articles.

Why should my website have all of this?

A marketing company will create content on your website that enhances its position on a search engine results page. Using analytics, they will be able to create content on your website that has keywords to match commonly searched phrases, optimising its position on the results of the search engine. This is known as search engine optimisation (SEO). While it is possible to use free analytics through Google, for example, there is a lot of work that is required to ensure that the content is always relevant to the changing trends of social media content and blog articles that are linked to the website. This is where a marketing company can really relieve the pressure on a practice and take the burden of this workload for them. If a practice is higher up on the search engine results, it is likely that it will have more success in its web page being viewed.

Which marketing company do I choose?

There are a number of marketing companies that are operating SEO services. It is best to check if they have won any relevant awards for their services. You should also consider what their pricing structure and services are for the money you are going to be paying them. It is best to decide upon what you feel you really need to match the right marketing company to you and whether they specialise in your field. Dental Focus is one of the leading compliant marketing companies and offers a bespoke service, for example.

When entering into the world of digital marketing, it can feel like a minefield, so let the experts take the reins and get you across the hurdles to the finishing line, so you can concentrate on the new patients you will be treating.