How to Create a Professional Appearance in Your Home Office

How to Create a Professional Appearance in Your Home Office

For many self-employed individuals running a home office can be a cost effective and viable solution for their growing business needs, and will ensure you have the space you need to work without eating into your wider budget. However, with work and home life so easily mixed, your professional and personal boundaries can quickly become blurred.

Check out these top tips for creating and maintaining a home office that portrays your business professionally…

Keep your work life separate

Keeping your home office under lock and key and only operating during office hours (where possible) will ensure your professional and personal lives remain poles apart. Make your home office a corporate sanctuary by filing personal paperwork such as bills etc. elsewhere.

Get a business phone line

Having a dedicated phone line for new and existing customers and clients to contact you on will ensure your home office is a valuable base for your business. Answer phone calls using your business name and include your business contact details on all marketing materials.

Alternatively, why not enlist a virtual receptionist? For a small monthly fee a virtual receptionist service will answer your calls and take messages on your behalf leaving you to get on with running your home business.

Invest in great office furniture

Making time to find and purchase a good quality desk, office chair and other furnishings will transform your home office into a managed business hub. As well as aiding comfort, aesthetically pleasing office furniture will work towards portraying a professional image to your clients and customers, whether they are visiting in person or contacting you via video chat.

A great filing cabinet and additional storage will also help you create an organized home office that looks and feels professionally run. Whilst many home offices may feel like a spare room that hasn’t been used for a while, adding quality furniture and a fresh lick of paint will ensure a comfortable and productive place to work that feels a world away from your home.

Dress for the occasion

Portraying your company in a business-like manner isn’t just about how organized your home office is, making an effort to look smart in person will create a good impression when clients visit and make you feel professional also. Keep the routine that you left behind when you said goodbye to the 9 to 5 but getting ready for work each morning.

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