Benefits Of Electric Fireplaces

Benefits Of Electric Fireplaces

Most homeowners want a comfortable sitting room with and a beautiful fireplace, but setting up a fireplace often requires a lot of work and money. People want fireplaces in their homes; even if the apartment is rented. However, the cost of installing and maintaining a fireplace can give you cause for worry, so knowing the pros and cons of the different types of fireplaces can help you when deciding on the type to go with.


Electric fireplaces offer the same benefits as traditional fireplaces. Stylish Fireplaces, an electric fireplace dealer in Toronto, says that energy costs are lower than fossil fuel burning fireplaces and produce no harmful gas emissions. Here are some of the benefits of electric fireplaces that will make you consider getting one installed in your home;

  • You don’t have to worry about fumes- an Electric fireplace has a cord that is plugged into a regular wall socket when it is turned on, the lights create a realistic appearance of flames. The flames aren’t real neither are their gas being pumped into it. Meaning you need not worry about smoke or gas penetrating your home. You will still get the feeling of a real fire without having to inhale potentially toxic or poisonous fumes.


  • There maintenance requirements are significantly lower than that of regular fireplaces- maintenance of regular fireplaces entails a lot. For example, when you burn wood, it brings lots of fumes and ash, the fumes, travel up your chimney, leaving lots of residues. As a result of this, you must clean your chimney regularly so as to ensure the fumes safely move up and out of your building. You also have to clean the ash.


  •  Electric Fireplaces, on the other hand, does not require all this as you do not burn any wood, gas or other fossil fuels for them to work.  All you need to do is put it on when you need it and turn it off when you are done with it, yes it’s that simple.  You can get it going in seconds when you decide to take a relaxing dip in your hot tub.


  • It is less expensive -installation of traditional fireplaces are far more costly than electric fireplaces. Some regular fireplaces can cost you thousands of dollars while electric fireplaces, on the other hand, are reasonably affordable. Electric fireplaces can cost you a mere fraction. However, it all depends on the style and type you want to acquire. You do not have to budget for a firewood or a chimney cleaning.


  • Electric Fireplaces are energy Efficient- for example, during the winter period your energy bills might begin to increase as you will have to depend on your home’s heating system. However, an electric fireplace can be an effective way to heat up your home without significantly increasing your electricity bill. It is a very effective way as it lets you spend less and still keep your home at comfortable temperatures.


  • They have longevity- Electric fireplaces can last for a very long time. Compared to home heaters and regular fireplaces, as they are less prone to problems like corrosion. These devices can look and function as they did when they were brand new even after years of use.


There are several benefits of electric fireplaces as we have seen from the above. If you want to enjoy a fireplace with little maintenance, and costs, free of the dangers associated with owning a fireplace, then an electric fireplace is the right device for your home.