5 Stunning Paving Designs That Will Add Luxury to Your Garden

5 Stunning Paving Designs That Will Add Luxury to Your Garden

Whether you are thinking about updating your garden’s existing space, have a complete blank canvas, or want some paving ideas for your next patio project, try some of these 5 designs for inspiration and add a hint of luxury into your outdoor living space.



This design is sleek and contemporary. It uses thin paving slabs in straight lines running perpendicular to the house. The different coloured slabs and shades of grey add intrigue and interest to the design, creating an ultra modern patio area. This design creates the illusion of a larger space, proving that luxury can be integrated into even the smallest of gardens.



This patio design is minimalist and luxurious. The clean lines and straight edges of the granite paving make it the perfect backdrop to the garden. Furniture is kept minimal and modern to complement the patio, and the open patio doors blend the inside with the out, making it the ideal space for entertaining. The clean-cut lawn frames the patio for a polished and stylish look.



This design has a stylish and refined feel to it. The paving slabs are laid in a checkerboard effect with smooth lines and varying shades of grey. The grey tones are contrasted with plants and flowers which add texture and colour. The patio is laid at different levels to add intrigue and create a seating zone. This design makes use of the small space, the smaller slabs giving the impression of a much larger area.



This luxurious garden is designed with porcelain paving, creating a sleek, modern and delicate look. Its bright shade and smooth tones create a minimal and contemporary feel, whilst the green plants add texture and warmth. The wall and seating areas complement with differing grey tones to create a very stylish and trendy outdoor space.



This stunning design uses natural sandstone paving slabs to add luxury. The larger slabs with their smooth texture are great for larger projects. Their lighter colours work well to brighten the garden up. The paving also works well as a pool-side, and makes for a great outdoor space to enjoy in the summer sun. This design is sure to impress.



I hope that some of these ideas inspire you to add some luxury to your garden. When you are designing your space, remember to think about the purpose your garden will serve, plan carefully how you can best use the space, and consider how your design will fit with it. Whether your garden is small, large, urban or rural, paving can help you to add some luxury into your garden.


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