5 Patio designs in line with your budget and taste

5 Patio designs in line with your budget and taste

Having an outdoor area where you can relax and do your favorite things – from reading and gardening to gathering with friends is a luxury that all of us enjoy having. You can design your patio according to your taste even on a small budget. The first thing you need to decide on is what you are going to utilize the outside area for. Then you could browse for some ideas online and see what appeals to you most and whether it will fit your area and budget, of course. You can proceed by choosing the material that most appeals to you – it can be wood, concrete or the popular and very durable natural stone tiles. Depending on the purpose of your patio you can also look for some decoration ideas, suitable plants and appliances such as BBQ, fireplace or pool. Below you can find 5 different ideas that may fit your space and preferences.


Simple and affordable

In case you are short in space and funds you can turn the entry to your house into a coquette cobbled patio with a place to sit and have a friendly chat with a friend over a cup of coffee. The rest of the area is covered with green grass and some plants – make sure to choose such that best fit your climate. The metal used for the furniture adds value to this simple but elegant look.


Build your own park

Here is another solution for those with limited outdoor space. You can simply steal this wonderful idea of a freewheel parklet as seen on the streets of San Francisco for your patio and just skip the freewheel part.  This is a wonderful combination of natural materials – the wooden banks and the decorative plants and you can replace the artificial glass with real one or choose some natural stone like limestone, sandstone or granite. For the sitting space you can use recycle wood as well. This is a project that you can do yourself and use your own resources and imagination to turn the patio into your own small park.


The Mediterranean patio

If you like the atmosphere of the Greek islands or of the Mediterranean in general perhaps this idea of a patio with a focus on the stone and plants is the best solution for your retreat. The amphorae are cleverly used both as plant tops and a fountain and the plants chosen are typical for this part of Europe. The design also features a small table and two chairs made of antiqued wood to better match the whole antique atmosphere.


The wooden patio

If wood is your favorite material then, this New York patio design accompanied with the flowers of Nyplanting might be the right solution of your outer space. The patio is closed with wooden fence and the flower tops and floors are also made of this material. It can be fitted with rattan furniture as this will go well with the style of the entire patio. The flowers and plants can be according to your choice and you can make as much space for them as you prefer. In case you like gardening you can leave more space for planting and less for the wooden floor.


The luxury option

If you can afford a bigger budget for your patio design then you can turn it into quite a luxury retreat even on a smaller space. The idea above features a modern fireplace and cooking appliances as well as comfortable chairs to sit in and relax, while enjoying a cocktail. A few bamboo plants are used as highlights and kind of natural decoration. The flooring should definitely be made of natural stone tiles. One of the best choices for the floor here will be crystal black or grey granite or exterior riven slate. The example above is for those with limited space but if you are lucky enough to have a bigger garden then you can extend the features of your patio too. You can turn it into a covered abode that also includes a pool or hot tub, luxurious furniture or modern outdoor dining area to gather with family and friends.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration and now you are ready to pursue the construction of your dream patio that fits best your space and budget.