5 Great Ways to Improve Curb Appeal For Your Home

5 Great Ways to Improve Curb Appeal For Your Home

First impressions matter, whether we’re talking about the way you look, the way your car looks, or the way your house looks. So, if you’re trying to sell any of the above, then you’ll want them to look up to scratch won’t you?

For homes, curb appeal is so important when selling. The number of people who will drive past your house before deciding to even take a second look is huge,  so ensuring that it looks appealing upon first glance will help sell it. So, let’s take a look at how to improve your home’s curb appeal.

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For gardens, edging is important as it helps define the garden area and give it a crisp look and better lines. Bricks and pavers are ideal here, but even doing so with the corner of a spade can help tidy things up.

Ideally, you want to add slabs or stone that complements the garden, is a different colour to the asphalt and really brings out the garden. It’s quite easy to install edging and you simply need to dig around 2 inches below the grass, before placing some sand and then the edging down. Then you should sweep and over the top of the edging to fill in the join area and complete.


Lighting can really bring out the best in a home and its outdoor area and soft lighting can really make a home seem all the more inviting. It’s a great way to improve the landscape of the area and to help improve the entrance area.

Solar lights have fallen significantly in cost in recent times and this has meant that there is no real work in installing this lighting. Unlike before, where electrical cable was needed, nowadays it’s simply a matter of placing the lights where you want them and turning them on.


Flowers can make a significant difference to an area and by adding items such as hanging baskets, raised flower beds and other additions; you can greatly enhance the appeal of your home. The best thing to do is to ask at your local garden centre to see what is suitable and a good fit for your area. Perennials are best as they mean there is no need to purchase new flowers each year.

Dead Spots and Trunks

If your garden has any dead spots or left over tree trunks then it’s best to get rid of these as they can really cause problems visually. A stump grinder hire can benefit as can getting a professional person into remove a stump. In addition, if you have dead grass, replace the area with a flower bed or if it’s near a tree, apply mulch around the area. It will help with moisture, prevent pests and provide cover preventing weeds.

The Door

The door area itself can play a significant part in helping improve your curb appeal. Adding items such as new doors, new locks, new knockers and other features can greatly help enhance the door area and define the house’s look. A small amount of money here can really add to the overall price of the house.

So, as you can see improving the curb appeal can be a significant benefit to a home and also greatly help increase desirability and price.

Cormac Reynolds has written about a range of different home improvement areas from the benefits of stump grinder hire, to how to remove wasp’s nests. He enjoys writing about home improvement.