47 Stellar DIY Fireplace Remodel & Makeover Ideas

47 Stellar DIY Fireplace Remodel & Makeover Ideas

Get your fireplace redo ideas here! These before and after fireplace makeovers will give you both the ideas and the information so you’re ready for your DIY fireplace remodel, whether you’re refacing a dated fireplace or updating a builder grade fireplace.

Want to add a new fireplace or replace the old one? Learn how to build a DIY faux fireplace and check out our top picks for electric fireplaces and mantels. 

25 Best DIY Fireplace Makeovers

Is your fireplace the statement piece you want for your living room or is it more of an outdated fireplace eyesore?

Whether it’s brick, stone, or simply drywall, make your fireplace the focal point you want with a DIY fireplace makeover!

We’ve gathered the best fireplace remodel ideas that you can do yourself to modernize a fireplace surround and give it a whole new look, on a budget.

These ideas can be used for a woodburning fireplace or a gas fireplace, to add character and update the look of the fireplace surround and area, to add fireplace built-in shelving and cabinets, and more.

Take a look, pick your favorite, and don’t settle for that ugly, old fireplace!

This post started with 10 of our favorites, then grew to 25, and now features nearly 50 beautiful fireplace remodel ideas that you can do yourself!

1970’s Fireplace Remodel with New Mantel & Airstone Surround

Like many homeowners, we had a nice living room fireplace that just didn’t jive with our remodel and updates.

As we remodeled our Jordan House, we knew we wanted to keep this fireplace.

When we removed the walls to open up the main level living room and kitchen area, the all-white fireplace felt lost on the now- large wall.

The raised hearth felt like it encroached on the open space we were creating.

Now it looks like this — a beautifully remodeled modern gray mantel and stone fireplace surround that stands out as a focal point in our open living room space!

We still want to add the built-in bookcases around the fireplace like we visualized in the initial concept plan, but that’s on the back burner for now while we keep working on our Birch House basement (among other things).

Watch the video tutorial and before-and-after fireplace remodel progress in the playlist here:

And now, on to more of the best fireplace remodel ideas!

If you’ve remodeled your fireplace based on this inspiration or follow our fireplace makeover tutorials, we would love to see photos! Submit your brag photos and project information here. 

Easy Fireplace Makeover Updates

If you’re not ready for a full fireplace remodel yet, try these easy updates to makeover the fireplace and give it a new look.

Black Painted Brick Fireplace + New Wood Mantel

black painted brick fireplace wall with wood mantel by Remodelaholic

When we first moved in to our 1970’s rambler Birch House, one thing I really loved was the beautiful curved brickwork on the huge brick fireplace wall. They just don’t build houses like this anymore!

But the brick color was really brown and dated, so we painted it black and then added the easiest DIY wood mantel in the world.

dark gray painted fireplace focal wall by Dans le Lakehouse

Paint covers a multitude of sins (and ugly stuff), and a dark paint color can turn a basic wall into a gorgeous focal wall.

This fireplace wall at Tanya’s was very busy with gray stone brick, wood paneling, and brass vents. She unified the whole wall by painting it all dark gray.

Stone Fireplace Wall Update

DIY wood mantel on a stone fireplace wall by Remodelaholic

In our Canyon House, we had this huge stone fireplace wall. Rather than do the work to remove and replace it, we embraced it and made it a feature wall by adding a mantel.

The mantel really helped define the space and make it a focal point instead of an overwhelming large feature (plus now we can decorate around the fireplace!)

Painted Stone Fireplace Makeover with Live Edge Mantel

painted stone fireplace with live edge wood mantel by Lemon Thistle

A dated stone fireplace surround and unimpressive basic wood mantel got the update here at Colleen’s house!

She painted the stone brick fireplace and replaced the mantel with a beautiful live-edge wood plank that fits her modern rustic style perfectly.

Painted Brick Fireplace Update with Thick Wood Mantel

Blue Painted Brick Fireplace With Rustic DIY Mantel, Lovely Etc Featured On Remodelaholic
blue painted brick fireplace with rustic wood mantel by Lovely Etc

In similar style, Carrie painted her brick fireplace navy blue and then replaced the thin crown molding type mantel with a thick rustic wood mantel.

This definitely makes a the fireplace a beautiful focal point!

See the details at Lovely Etc. 

DIY Floating Mantel from a Barnwood Beam

DIY Barnwood Beam Floating Mantel, Grace In My Space Featured On Remodelaholic
DIY barn wood beam floating mantel by Grace in My Space

Upgrade the look of an in-wall fireplace with a floating mantel!

Sarah scored this old barn beam for just $10 and turned it into a gorgeous floating mantel for her fireplace.

Read all about it at Grace in My Space. 

Stone Fireplace with DIY Farmhouse Mantel Surround

DIY farmhouse mantel and stone fireplace makeover by Twelve on Main

Sara’s living room features this beautiful large stone fireplace, but the wood slab mantel just wasn’t making the statement that she wanted.

They wanted to highlight the stacked stone but give the fireplace wall some extra oomph, so they built a gorgeous farmhouse mantel around the fireplace.

Restored Stone Fireplace Makeover

Some of us like to paint a brick fireplace, and others are looking to restore a painted brick or stone fireplace. It’s the circle of remodeling 🙂

Sarah’s stone fireplace was painted red — sooo bright and not her style (seriously, look at the before pictures).

She removed the old paint and then use a bit of whitewash paint to redefine the stone texture to restore it and make it look even better than the original!

Faux Painted Brick
faux painted brick fireplace wall by Pretty Handy Girl

Rather than remove the paint from her painted brick fireplace, Brittany faux painted it to look like brick again!

See the how-to at Pretty Handy Girl. 

Restained Brick Fireplace Makeover

re-stained brick fireplace revamp by Roly Poly Farm

If you like the brick but want a different color to fit your style and decor, you can re-stain the brick like Jodi did!

basic fireplace box makeover by Houseology

Would you believe this lovely statement mantel began as a super basic drywall-only fireplace box?

These DIYers added the tile hearth and fireplace surround, a bit of plywood and some picture frame molding.

DIY Faux Chimney with Trim

DIY faux chimneypiece above fireplace mantel by Provident Home Design

For another easy update that makes a big statement, use a few pieces of trim to add a faux chimneypiece above a basic fireplace.

Adding height to a fireplace like this makes it a focal point and you can change up the style of trim to fit your style — classic like Tamara’s here, or use shiplap or paneling for a more farmhouse style.

fireplace wall with DIY picture frame molding wall treatment by Sincerely Sara D

Maybe the fireplace itself doesn’t need the update — maybe it’s the walls around it that do!

Sara added a beautiful paneled accent wall on either side of her fireplace and it made the whole wall a gorgeous addition to her elegant living room.

Fireplace Makeover With Spray Painted Tile Surround, My Homier Home Featured On Remodelaholic
spray painted tile fireplace surround by My Homier Home

The beige tile surround on Christin’s fireplace was feeling dated.

So what’s a DIYer to do but bust out a can of spray paint?!

See how to spray paint a tile fireplace surround at My Homier Home. 

DIY Fireplace Remodels with Built-Ins

If you’re looking to really make a statement with your fireplace remodel, add built-in shelving around the fireplace.

Built-ins can add storage and style to any room, but they look especially great as fireplace built-ins to create a classic focal wall with lots of storage.

DIY Fireplace with Built-In Bookcases & Hidden TV

DIY fireplace built-ins with hidden TV enclosure by Our Home Notebook

Add classic home style to a builder basic home by adding an entire fireplace built-in wall!

Shannon started with a basic blank wall, added the fireplace, and the built-in bookshelves, and (my favorite part) a hidden TV enclosure above the fireplace!

White Painted Brick Fireplace & Built-Ins

white painted brick fireplace and built-in shelves by Homemade Ginger

Sometimes a bit of paint is the fastest and easiest way to make over a fireplace!

This bright white fireplace started as dark brick, dark wood built-ins, and dark wood paneling… not the light, bright, and modern space that Megan wanted.

Stone Fireplace Remodel with Built-In Shelves

stone fireplace remodel with built-in shelves by construction2style

Jamie & Morgan started with a huuuuuge stone fireplace and hearth, which they removed and then filled in the space with a modern flat fireplace wall and built-in shelving for storage.

New Fireplace Install with Built-In Bookshelves

fireplace install with built-in bookshelves by The Anderson Family

The Anderson Family started with a very outdated but empty living room and created this beautiful fireplace and built-in bookshelf wall from scratch.

faux fireplace mantel and built-in shelving by Remodelaholic

In a similar, our Park House fireplace was a total fake… but we loved our faux fireplace and mantel just the same!

This was part of our family room great wall of built-ins and was the perfect addition to what was just a basic room before.

We built it all from scratch, on a budget, and topped it with a rustic wooden mantel (and framed the TV to match).

Corner Fireplace Makeover with Wood Panels

Many homes of a certain era have this interesting design feature: a corner fireplace, often with a TV nook above.

The Foss family updated the basic sheetrock above the fireplace with some basic beadboard and wood panels in a shaker or board and batten style.

DIY Built-In Electric Fireplace with Storage

Built In Electric Fireplace Feature Wall With Storage, Woodshop Diaries Featured On Remodelaholic
built-in electric fireplace feature wall by Woodshop Diaries

This built-in electric fireplace wall is 100% DIY! It makes for a great focal point on a blank wall, and the built-in storage cubbies are removable to access the electrical components for the fireplace and the TV that’s hung above.

Build it with the tutorial from Woodshop Diaries. 

Brick Fireplace Remodel with New Faux Chimney

Brick Fireplace Remodel with Faux DIY Chimney Painted White Built-In Shelves
brick fireplace remodel with faux chimney by Simply Swider

You don’t have to paint a brick fireplace to update it!

Stephanie’s fireplace had dark wood built-in bookcases and a dark wood mantel with a brick surround.

She gave the bookcases and the mantel a coat of white paint and added a faux chimney extension to the fireplace surround. It looks amazing!

See the process by Simply Swider. 

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Brick Fireplace Remodel with Built-in Bookshelves

cabinets built in around a fireplace remodel
brick fireplace remodel with built-in bookcases by Beautiful Mess

This big brick fireplace got a modern update! They added built-in bookshelves and cabinets on both sides and a new mantel and TV area above the fireplace.

She highlighted the brickwork above the fireplace by covering up the sides to enhance the brick keystone curve and give it a whole new style.

New Gas Fireplace with Stone Surround and Built-in Shelving

DIY stone fireplace with built-in cabinets for storage by Ramblings From The Burbs

This is an amazing glow-up! Becky took this blank wall from basic 70’s wood paneling to a stunning stone fireplace with gorgeous wood built-in cabinets. The seamless mantel is gorgeous!

Brick Fireplace with Built-In Cabinets and Bookcases

Brick Fireplace with Built-Ins
brick fireplace makeover with built-ins by Naptime DIY

A basic red brick fireplace and oak mantel got a fabulous new update! Some new trim and it never hurts to install some built-in bookcases!

See more of this project by Naptime DIY.

Built-ins are a great way to handle an off-center fireplace like this. See more ideas for decorating around a non-working and/or off-center fireplace. 

Whitewash Painted Brick Fireplace with Built-Ins

Painted Brick Fireplace Makeover
painted brick fireplace makeover by Finding Home

Whitewash painting the brick on this fireplace was the frosting on this living room makeover cake! The updated wood mantel over the brick and the built-in bookcases frame it in so nicely.

See more at Finding Home.

Electric Fireplace Feature Wall with Shelves

DIY Faux Mantel To Electric Fireplace Wall With Shelves And Board And Batten, Repurpose And Upcycle Featured On Remodelaholic
DIY electric fireplace feature wall by Repurpose and Upcycle

If you have a large wall, adding a fireplace and shelves can really help fill the space instead of being dwarfed by it.

Lindsey started with the faux mantel, then added the shelves and a board and batten accent wall, and then upgraded from a faux fireplace to electric and added a stone hearth.

See more about this electric fireplace feature wall at Repurpose and Upcycle. 

DIY Electric Fireplace Wall with IKEA Bookshelves

Electric Fireplace And Built In Ikea Bookcases, Free And Unfettered Featured On Remodelaholic
IKEA built-in bookshelves and electric fireplace wall by Free and Unfettered

We couldn’t talk about built-ins without an IKEA hack!

New build homes often have large blank walls, and Jillian made hers a statement by adding this DIY electric fireplace wall flanked with IKEA Billy built-in bookcases.

Read all about this DIY IKEA bookshelf electric fireplace wall at Free and Unfettered.

If your fireplace remodel needs a new look instead of a full sledgehammer removal, you can reface the fireplace surround and cover it up for a great new style.

Stone to Shiplap Modern Fireplace Remodel

stone fireplace remodel to modern shiplap by The Learner Observer

Thalita’s dated stone fireplace got a gorgeous modern remodel! Now it’s a shiplap fireplace with marble tile surround and a gorgeous large wood mantel.

The surrounding shiplap walls also help make the off-center fireplace feel intentional instead of awkward.

Corner Fireplace Remodel with Tile & Mirror

before and after corner fireplace remodel by Little Pink Notebook

Sometimes there are features in your home that are just too much work to remove, so you gotta work it.

That was the case with Sabrina’s corner fireplace remodel. Taking down the huge mirror above the fireplace would have meant a lot of messy drywall work, so instead, Sabrina added trim and molding to frame with mirror and  make it look intentional — and amazing!

She also replaced the dated marble surround with white marble hexagon tile, and painted the curved mantel and brass fireplace pieces. Stunning results!

Refaced Brick Fireplace Remodel with Wood Panels & Tile

Refaced Brick Fireplace with White Marble Tile and Wood Trim Molding Mantel
refaced brick fireplace to white marble by Young House Love

Jon and Sherry from took their basic brick fireplace and added new wood panels and beautiful white marble tile to give a contemporary look.

You’ve never guess there was red brick underneath all the beautiful new tile and trim!

See the process at Young House Love. 

Refaced Brick Fireplace with Concrete and Shiplap

Brick To Concrete Fireplace Remodel, Cherished Bliss Featured On Remodelaholic
DIY concrete and shiplap fireplace remodel by Cherished Bliss

This dated fireplace was very old and in need of a makeover. Now, this formerly off-center fireplace with stained brick and mortar looks AMAZING!

Ashley kept the original brick fireobox and inlaid hearth, but framed over the brick to apply a feather-finish concrete to the fireplace and to add gray vertical shiplap above a rustic wood mantel — resulting in a gorgeous modernized style.

See the concrete and shiplap fireplace process at Cherished Bliss. 

Stone Veneer Over a Brick Fireplace

Stone Veneer Fireplace over Brick Hearth and Fireplace
DIY stone veneer fireplace over brick by Dining Delight

Lori truly had an… interesting… before with her brick fireplace painted in white and burgundy!

She refaced the all brick fireplace and hearth by adding tile over the brick hearth and a lightweight faux stone veneer over the rest of the brick fireplace wall, right up the ceiling.

See the before and after at Dining Delight. 

DIY Stone Fireplace from Scratch

Diy Stone Fireplace, Boxwood Design Co Featured On Remodelaholic
DIY faux stone fireplace by Boxwood Design Co

If you don’t have a fireplace to update, you can get a lot of style building from scratch.

Becky used the same type of faux stone facade as above, but instead of adding on an existing fireplace, she start with a blank wall and built the enclosure and fireplace wall for a new electric fireplace.

Read more about it at Boxwood Design Co. 

Build an Electric Fireplace Wall

Diy Shiplap Electric Fireplace, Simply DIY Home Featured On Remodelaholic
DIY shiplap electric fireplace wall by Simply DIY Home

Along the same lines, Kristin built an electric fireplace wall from scratch — but wrapped it in gorgeous gray shiplap instead of stone or brick.

Check it out at Simply DIY Home. 

DIY Concrete Fireplace Remodel

DIY concrete fireplace with rustic wood mantel by Kaleidoscope Living

The old fireplace stone veneer was not Tasha’s style and not in good shape, either.

To fit her more modern style, she removed the faux stone veneer, wrapped the brick fireplace wall with drywall/cement board, and then skim coated concrete to make a completely updated and modern fireplace wall.

Brick Fireplace Remodel

Brick Fireplace Makeover
brick and wood fireplace remodel by The Lettered Cottage

Layla updated this floor to ceiling fireplace for her friends to give it a whole new look!

The team build a new wood facade to break up the exposed brick fireplace wall and give it some modern style with a new wood and MDF mantel and shiplap style faux chimney piece.

Read more about this fireplace remodel at The Lettered Cottage. 

DIY Brick Fireplace Remodel

Basic Fireplace Remodel To Brick And Shiplap, Rain On Pine Featured On Remodelaholic
shiplap and brick fireplace remodel by Rain on Pine

For a similar look, Bree took her basic in-wall gas fireplace and remodeled it into a modern classic brick fireplace!

She replaced the old mantel with a gorgeous barnwood mantel and added shiplap above.

Get the details of this brick fireplace remodel at Rain on Pine.

Tile & Shiplap Fireplace Remodel

Dark Tile And Wood Mantel Fireplace Remodel, Joyful Derivatives Featured On Remodelaholic
modern black tile fireplace makeover by Joyful Derivatives

An inset fireplace alcove can look dated and easily cluttered.

Rachel made hers look amazing and modern glam by adding a black tile fireplace surround and thick wood mantel, and filling in the upper recessed section with shiplap.

Check out this fireplace makeover at Joyful Derivatives.

Concrete Corner Fireplace Remodel

Concrete To Shiplap Corner Fireplace Remodel, The Inspired Workshop
modern corner fireplace remodel by The Inspired Workshop

This corner fireplace was in working condition, but the basic concrete fireplace surround wasn’t Cara’s style and also was flaking and making a mess.

So she wrapped it all in shiplap and added a wood mantel — now it’s the perfect farmhouse fireplace!

See the corner fireplace remodel at The Inspired Workshop. 

Refaced Wood Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Paneling
wood panel fireplace makeover by The Divine Living Space

Stephanie had an older basic wood panel fireplace surround that just didn’t work with her style.

She updated the fireplace by using recycled hardwood paneling to give it an earthy style — a huge difference from the basic paneling before!

Read about the wood fireplace paneling at The Divine Living Space. 

Stacked Stone Fireplace Remodel to Brick

DIY Brick Fireplace And White Mantel, Living In Laundry Featured On Remodelaholic
brick fireplace and DIY mantel by Living In Laundry

This gorgeous modern and classic brick fireplace began as a full-wall stacked stone fireplace!

Crystal removed all the stone and then added the thin brick fireplace surround and built the mantel from just one sheet of MDF.

Get more info about this gorgeous DIY fireplace remodel at Living in Laundry. 

DIY Tile to Faux Brick Fireplace Surround

DIY Faux Brick Fireplace Redo From Tile, Restore Decor And More Featured On Remodelaholic
faux brick fireplace update by Restore Decor and More

The plain fireplace with a basic tile surround wasn’t a fit for what Brooke wanted.

So she removed the tile and replaced it with faux brick tile, then added a wood mantel.

See the details of the faux brick fireplace update at Restore Decor and More. 

New Fireplace Tile Face Update

mosaic tile fireplace makeover by Faith’s Place

Faith was tired of the basic square tile surrounding her fireplace, so she added new mosaic tile (and spray painted the brass fireplace door, too).

Fireplace Makeover With Peel And Stick Tile, Lantern Lane Designs Featured On Remodelaholic
peel and stick tile fireplace makeover by Lantern Lane Designs

For an even easier fireplace tile surround update, you can use heat resistant peel and stick tile!

Jenna used “paint and stickers” to give her fireplace a fresh new look on a budget, without needing special tiling tools or skills.

Get the details on this peel and stick tile fireplace makeover at Lantern Lane Designs. 

Brick to Tile Fireplace Remodel

Brick to Tile Modern Fireplace Makeover
modern fireplace makeover by Swing N Cocoa

There was so much to cringe at in this fireplace before…. the oddly proportioned (and wavy?!) mantel, dirty stained brick, and a raised hearth that Stephanie wanted gone.

So she removed the hearth, covered the brick with large rectangular tiles, and build a beautiful new modern mantel.

See the whole fireplace makeover at Swing N Cocoa. 

Painted Wood Fireplace Redo with White Marble Tile Reface

Fireplace Mantel and Tile Face
painted fireplace mantel and tile reface from The Blissful Bee

Amy gave her parents’ fireplace mantel and tile face a whole new look!

The beautiful but dated woodwork was painted white, and the old beige square tile face and inlaid hearth were replaced with modern beautiful white marble tile in a herringbone pattern.

See more photos at The Blissful Bee. 

More DIY Fireplace Redo Ideas

Got an awkward fireplace setup? Or no fireplace at all? Try these ideas to update the fireplace area or create a fireplace in your home.

Awkward Fireplace Alcove Ideas

Repurposed Faux Fireplace Mantel
faux fireplace mantel by The Rooster and The Hen

When they were given an old electric fireplace mantel, The Rooster and the Hen gave it a coat of paint and a nice modern makeover.

faux fireplace and mantel by Bless’er House

Want to build your own fireplace for style, but don’t actually need a fireplace for heat?

Build a faux fireplace and mantel!

Cover a Tile Hearth with Concrete

DIY concrete hearth over tile by She Holds Dearly

Sarah wanted to keep the exposed stove and woodburning fireplace in her 1906 farmhouse, but the previous owners’ strange tile laying job on the hearth beneath the fireplace was just odd.

So, they trimmed up the shape and laid a modern concrete hearth over it!

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