32 Best Cookie Exchange Recipes for Christmas Parties

32 Best Cookie Exchange Recipes for Christmas Parties

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Best Cookie Swap Cookie Recipes for a Cookie Exchange Party

The holiday season is time for people we love — and treats we love! We like to bring both the people and the treats together in a Christmas cookie exchange party.

What is a cookie exchange party?

A cookie exchange party (or a cookie swap) is a fabulous way to get to try dozens of new treats without having to spend hours in the kitchen baking. A cookie swap is one of the easiest Christmas party ideas, too! (Though you can host a cookie exchange any time of year.)

The idea simple:

It can really be that simple — just an hour with cookies and socializing! All you provide is take-home plates and ambiance.

Or you can have other activities to go along with it (like simple paper Christmas decorations to make).

What should I bring to a cookie exchange?

When you participate in a cookie exchange, you’ll need to bring

How many cookies should you bring to a cookie exchange?

Your cookie exchange host should specify how many cookies to bring based on the number of attendees, but if the invitation doesn’t say, it’s a safe bet to bring 8 dozen cookies. (Most cookie swaps ask for 5-8 dozen per attendee.)

Worried about making enough cookies for the cookie exchange? It’s totally acceptable to make mini cookies instead of regular sized cookies. You’ll likely still have to make a couple of batches of cookies, but bite-sized cookies are great for sampling.

We strongly suggest getting a set of cookie scoops — it will make the process so much faster and ensure all the cookies are the same size!

How do I package cookies for a cookie exchange?

Your cookie party host may specify if cookies should be plated or packaged individually or in small groups. Whether the cookies are on a platter or in a cellophane bag, it’s nice to label with the cookie name and any allergens, including dairy, nuts, and gluten.

How do you organize a cookie exchange?

A cookie exchange is an easy holiday party to host, but it does take a little bit of planning. Here’s how to be the best cookie swap organizer ever:

Whether you’re hosting or attending, a Christmas cookie exchange is a great place to share an old classic or a new cookie recipe.

Here are all our favorite Remodelaholic tried and true cookie recipes that will be the talk of the cookie swap party!

Easy Drop Christmas Cookie Recipes

Drop cookies are soft and delicious, from a classic chocolate chip cookie or an easy cake mix cookie to healthy banana zucchini cookie. Drop cookies are also quick to make a bunch, making them some of the best cookie exchange recipes!

Grab a cookie scoop to make these easy cookie exchange recipes even faster.

Make easy lemon cookies using a cake mix! These lemon drop cookies are extra lemon-y thanks to added lemon juice, lemonade powder and/or lemon zest. The powdered sugar on the outside makes them crisp and sweet, with a tangy center — just like a lemon drop candy!

Sandwich cookies are the best cookie exchange recipes when you want a filling bite of both cookie AND filling! These creative recipes will have everyone wanting the recipe.

Thumbprint cookies are like filled cookies, but way easier! These soft cookies are some of the best cookie exchange recipes because they’re quick and easy to make, but still look festive and fun (oh and taste amazing, too).

These mint chocolate candy cane cookies are a lightened up version of cake mix cookies! Just mix the cake mix cookie ingredients, then roll in brown sugar and add a bit of candy cane to the center for a chewy cookie with a minty crunch.

If you’ve got a little bit of extra time, here are out best cookie exchange recipes that are frosted, dipped, and cut out into fun holiday shapes.

Bar cookies can be the best cookie exchange recipes when you’re looking to make a bunch and quick — just pull out the sheet pans!

Best no bake cookie exchange recipes? Coming right up! These are fun and easy for kids to help bake, too.

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