Stackable Countertop Storage Bin Plans + Tutorial

Stackable Countertop Storage Bin Plans + Tutorial

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Build an Easy Stackable Countertop Storage Bin

Hello again! I’m Jamison from Rogue Engineer and today I’m sharing the tutorial and detailed instructions for our root vegetable countertop storage bin.

For the longest time my wife has been storing the potatoes and onions in a large bowl in the pantry.

Not only does this take up too much space but it’s overflowing and the idea to build this root vegetable storage bin was born.

This angled wood crate fits perfectly on our pantry storage shelves or on the kitchen counter. You can build a couple of storage boxes and stack them, too.

It’s also very easy to build with these instructions — perfect for a beginner, with no woodworking skills or experience required.

All you need is a saw and a nailer — whether that’s a miter saw or a circular saw or a jigsaw, and a pneumatic nailer or a good ol’ hammer and nails.

A nice sturdy upgrade over the plastic storage bins I see in the stores!

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How to Build a Stackable Countertop Storage Bin

Cut List

The width of this bin can be easily adjusted by changing the length of the 22-1/4″ and 20-3/4″ boards.

DIY Wood Stacking Bin Instructions

Cut the Wood Stacking Bin Pieces

Cut the boards to length as shown in the cut list.

To cut the sides – first make the 30 degree cut as shown.

make the 30-degree cut

Then flip the board over and make the 25 degree cut as shown.

make the 25-degree cut

Then trace the side and cut out one more just like it.

How to Build the Stackable Storage Bins

With all your boards cut you can get started gluing and nailing it all together.

Step 1: Nail the back of the bin to the sides

I started by nailing the back to the sides.

Notice that the back piece is attached to the back edge of the sides — not the sides to the edge of the back piece.

Dry fit the pieces together to make sure you have them in the right layout if needed! 

Step 2: Attach the bottom bin piece

Glue and nail the bottom on as shown.

Step 3: Attach the bin front piece

Glue and nail the front 1×4 in place as shown.

Step 5: Attach the bin top

Attach the top, again, making sure to glue and nail in place.

Finishing the stacking wood storage bins

I tried something a little different this time. After giving everything a good sand, I stained the edges with Antique White wood stain from Varathane.

Then, once the stain dried, I painted with Serenity Blue Chalked Paint from Rustoleum and distressed the edges to reveal some of the Antique White stain for a subtle difference in color.

How to Stack the Countertop Storage Bins

I also wanted to include this shot to show how easy it would be to stack two of these together.

By simply using a couple of screws and screwing these two units together you now have a two tiered storage bin for root vegetables! or use it for other pantry essentials, or for toys, craft supplies, tools, etc.

For subsequent stacking bins, you could leave off the top and let the bottom of the next bin act as the top of the bin below it, too.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. For sneak peeks of our upcoming projects from Rogue Engineer be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

First published 25 Apr 2015 // Last updated 26 Jan 2022

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