Save Your Home from Pest Invasions: The Organic Approach

Save Your Home from Pest Invasions: The Organic Approach

The ultimate curb appeal is always complimented by a beautiful blooming garden and fresh green well trimmed lawn where your eyes could rest and enjoy the peaceful sight of nature. The exterior appearance of your home should never be underestimated and ignored. Often it all comes down to the first impression and especially if you are selling, renting out or staging your property your garden is the trump card in the negotiations. The garden factor is even more important when it comes to your own house – it is your preferred place for relaxation – the true gateway to a peaceful afternoon or a rewarding evening BBQ get-together with friends.

Well, having all this cleared out you surely could understand why maintaining your garden and lawn in great shape is so vital. However, this endeavor is not as easy as you may expect – there are countless threats that you should be prepared to handle. Fortunately as it comes to pest invading saboteurs – we have some tricks to share with you – all of them organic, of course. Are you ready for the green pest control tips, good! Here they come:

Beautiful organic garden

Why avoiding chemical-based products

You see your garden attacked by countless hungry creepers and you want them gone instantly, then why you should not turn to the tested products in your local home store you wander. Well, it is simple actually: those products could save you from the unwelcome guests, but your adorable plants are living creatures as well. You do not think that chemicals that are harmful for some persistent insects won’t affect your flowers and veggies at all, right. Furthermore those chemicals could kill the beneficial microorganisms and insects (like ground beetles and nonpest ants) that contribute to the healthy growth of your plants. If you have a family, especially children and pets, these harsh chemicals may be the last thing you want sprayed around your home.  Just to be on the safe side, try dealing with the problem while incorporating organic solutions first and see what happens.

Baking soda as your garden savior

Baking soda is a great helper around the house. Most homeowners will definitely agree with me, given that it could do miracles when dealing with nasty stains on your carpet or upholstery. Apart from its distinct cleaning abilities it also comes in handy in your garden, especially in your fight against aphids and worms. It also could successfully handle fungus and stop it from spreading. Be careful not to overuse it and to dilute it in water prior to application.

Banana flavor for your garden

Banana peels, as curious as it may sound, are really useful in your fight against daunting pests. When rotting, those potassium rich peels not only repel aphids but also prove to be very nurturing to your plants. We are talking about a good fertilizer and a pest control remedy that should definitely be tried out.

Hair magic

You do not have to put extra efforts into creating a special scarecrow to keep away unwanted pests. Leaving some hairs around your plants would do the trick. You can use the ones laying on your hair brush or to pick some when you go to your hairdresser for your monthly haircut. The human scent that the hair will ooze will ward off any curious rabbits, raccoons and even some stray cats.

Additional easy tricks to add to your arsenal of organic pest control skills

Plant some flowers with strong aromas like geranium, lavender, even garlic – we all know its scent is quite persistent and sharp. This approach will save you from bugs and small animals, so give it a go. Whatever you do, know that preventive measures are crucial in having a healthy garden. The easiest way to handle a pest related problem is not to have to face such, right. So keep in mind the above mentioned good practices and add them to your daily gardening routines. Thus your garden will thrive and your home will look more beautiful and cozy than ever.