Remodeling Ideas For Small Kitchens 

It can be disappointing to have a small kitchen, though there are many ways to turn a tiny kitchen into an amazing space. Although it is tricky, you can make your kitchen look big. If your existing kitchen is disorganized and messy, it is time to have it remodeled this 2021. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced DIYer, it is always challenging to renovate your space. Make the process less stressful than you have thought with these small kitchen remodeling ideas.

If you are not a DIY type of person, be sure to search for a high quality kitchen renovation contractor in your area. You can check online reviews to find the best contractors in your area, be sure to interview several to find the one that is the best fit.

Take Advantage of Your Dead Walls

Dead walls or empty spaces in a small kitchen are common. Make the most out of them by adding some open shelves for additional storage and extra charm in your kitchen. You can hang decors, too. Do not just leave them empty.

Invest in Holders and Racks

One of the problems in a small kitchen is limited storage for pans and pots in cabinets. If you have the same concern, why don’t you use a hanging pot rack? If your kitchen cabinet is messy and cluttered, make space for each of them outside. Aside from solving your storage issue, a hanging pot rack gives your space a rustic look and character. Alternatively, you can store your pots on the upper part of your cabinet to make enough room for some of your items.

Experiment With Colors 

Your small kitchen does not necessarily need to be subtle. There is nothing wrong with going all out with your design options. In choosing the color for your space, for example, you can be bold sometimes. Top choices for your kitchen include yellow, pastels, and white. Any of these colors could amplify the light or make your space look bigger. You could also try grey and black. Do not mind what other people tell you to do. Just make sure to incorporate any contrasting elements, including brass accents and gold fixtures.

Do Not Forget Your Flooring 

Another thing that plays a critical role in your small kitchen remodel is your flooring. If you have a complicated floor pattern, your kitchen will look small and disorganized. If the color is plain and boring, the mood of your space will not be as bright and light as you expect. Popular flooring alternatives include marble, wood, and linoleum. Any of these types of flooring is clean and crisp.

Do not Forget to Add Mirrors

You have changed your flooring. You have just started, remember. There are more things to do. Now, you can incorporate mirrors into your kitchen, adding a touch of glamour and a sense of depth as well. It is a simple and effective tool to make your kitchen look bigger. But where to begin? You can put one behind the stove, get the right finish, panel cabinet doors, pick reflective pendants, or use reflective tiles depending on what you want and need.

Conceal your Cabinets 

Another space-saving kitchen remodeling is to conceal your cabinets. But it is not as simple as you believe, and it is hard to make it a DIY project. It is perfect to hire a contractor. More than the knowledge and experience, a professional has a complete set of equipment that makes the installation comfortable.

Minimize the Elements 

Declutter your old and bulky stuff in your kitchen. Replace them with something smaller if possible. But if you do not have enough budget, get rid of unnecessary stuff in your space instead. It really helps.

Ask Help From an Expert

You are planning to remodel your small kitchen. You have some tools. Plus, you have a lot of spare time. Remodeling your kitchen is still confusing and exhausting. An expert comes to your rescue!