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IKEA Hack Entryway Storage and Decor

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This little nook by our front door is new!

Previously, it was the back half of a bedroom closet on the other side of the wall. We installed a PAX closet system in the closet (which was not sponsored, and I can’t even tell you HOW MUCH we love it).

That left us with a whole foot of extra space that we were able to open up to the living room for entryway storage!  HALLELUJAH!

Here’s the video showing how we built the base of the unit to complete our IKEA hack for entryway storage.

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Entryway Storage and Decor on a Budget

Let me give you a peek of the entryway before and after:


I had a lot of fun perusing IKEA online to find the best entryway storage options.

Ultimately, I chose the universally used KALLAX shelf (or you may be familiar with the previous version, EXPEDIT), which is super affordable at around $70.00!

The best news is all the different things you can do with a KALLAX shelf.  There are SO many color and insert options.  ANYONE can make a KALLAX work for them in their space.  Kallax Shelf Unit White 0243994 PE383246 S4

The * options are endless to organize your KALLAX. *  You can use whatever you like to make it work for your space and with your existing decor.  Personalize the piece and make it your own! There are baskets, boxes, wire baskets, doors and drawers.

(Update: IKEA updates their product selection each season, so while not every item pictured here is currently available, new and different ones are!)

To maximize our entryway storage, I decided having hidden and yet easy-to-organize drawers would be worth the minimal extra investment.  I bought 4 sets of the KALLAX two drawer units.

I love bringing in a natural woven texture to all of the spaces I work with, so for the bottom shelves, I bought 4 rattan BRANAS baskets.

Look how good it looks with both textures!

Once we got the entryway storage portion taken care of, there was the matter of how to decorate the big blank space above the new beautiful furniture piece.

For the wall, I decided it is nice to be able to check out my crazy hair before I answer the door and the STOCKHOLM Mirror was the perfect answer.

Next, lights!  We chose * 2 of the RANARP wall clamp LED spotlights * and I love how the gold looks in the space. My super amazing husband installed an outlet connected to a switch which means any plug-in wall sconce can go in this space and be swapped out as I desire!

Lastly, while you can’t buy our full sized Swedish clock at IKEA (building plans at the link), they do have a VERY similarly shaped small clock, the  IKEA PS 1995  that you could use to recreate the look if you love it but don’t want to build one! (And psst, it has storage inside!)

After assembling all the pieces and putting our entryway storage space together, we were able to clean out our cramped and uninspiring front closet so that everything now has a permanent home. It feels so good to be organized!

Thank you for joining us for this post!

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Originally published 01.16.2018 // Updated 01.29.2021

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