Remodelaholic | Easter Egg Ideas: Paint and Glitter

Paint and Glitter Easter Eggs

Paint and glitter make these Easter eggs glamorous and unique, but they’re still so easy!

Supplies for Paint and Glitter Easter Egg Idea:

The eggs, toothpicks, planting foam, white glue and glitter all came from the dollar store and the paint was just leftover from other projects. I went for pastel colors to provide contrast to the bright colors of glitter, but this Easter egg idea can be done with any colors of paint and glitter you choose. A darker paint with lighter glitter might turn out really cool, be creative!

Paint and Glitter Easter Egg Idea: The Process

Step 1: Prepare the Styrofoam Eggs

Stick a toothpick in one end of each egg. Some I stuck in from the top of the egg and some from the bottom, just for variety. Place each toothpick and egg into the floral foam.

Step 2: Paint, with no mess!

Remove one egg and toothpick from the floral foam and, using the toothpick as a handle, completely cover each egg in the paint color of your choice. Return the egg to it’s spot in the floral foam and let it dry. Repeat until all the eggs are painted and drying. Allow the eggs to dry completely (here’s where the patience comes in!)

Step 3: Embellish

This Easter egg idea lets you get creative here.

I gave a few eggs a paint-dipped look by painting just part of the egg. It worked well to spin the toothpick between my fingers and hold the paint brush still, creating a smooth “dipped”-like line on each egg. Let the paint dry completely.

Technically you could dip part of each egg in a can of paint, but I thought it would take on so much paint that it would probably drip (ack! mess!) and also take forever to dry (requiring more patience!).

For a glitter-dipped look, first gather a box or box lid to catch excess glitter. Then, holding the egg by the toothpick, use your craft brush to apply white glue on the egg only where you want your glitter.

Still holding the egg by the toothpick (and with the egg over the box or lid), immediately pour glitter over the glue while you rotate the egg. Coat the glue thoroughly with glitter.  Place the egg back into the floral foam and let everything dry.

I decorated some eggs with just paint, some with just glitter, and a few with paint and glitter. I love the combination when you put them all together.

Wasn’t this one of the least messy Easter egg ideas?

To display, I set the eggs right into some candleholders then I grouped them around on my mantel and on a side table.  With a martini glass and some raffia, I created a nice “nest” for some of the eggs.

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Originally published 04.03.2014 // Updated 03.03.2021

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