Remodelaholic | Beautiful Homes With A Budget: Master Baths and Master Bedrooms By Bloggers

Remodelaholic | Beautiful Homes With A Budget: Master Baths and Master Bedrooms By Bloggers

I love having an outlet where I can create a piece or a style that matches our family or someone in it! That’s what our home is built of, lots of things that tell who each of us is. I also love seeing what others create. I am able to appreciate their hard work, creativity and talents. Often times, I am inspired to create something new. Today, we hope you are inspired by the homes, the looks, and the projects we are sharing! In addition to our latest projects we are sharing some favorite looks from DIY bloggers! We hope they also inspire you to share what you create! We would love to see! You can message us on Facebook or click here to send a photo! We are always so inspired by you.


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Cassity & Justin, probably like most of us (speaking for myself), have a cluttered coat closet. Too many coats and a lot of wasted space. So they cleaned it up! And boy does it look fabulous! Check out this Coat Closet Organization Before and After and see if this is something that would be helpful in your home!

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Remodelaholic Spotlights

Have you seen our series Home Sweet Home On A Budget? For us, there are several projects we want to do around our home, but we can’t do them all at once because of our budget! That’s where DIY projects come in handy! So what are some of our favorite budget-friendly projects? Check out this post on Home Sweet Home On A Budget: Built Ins! Built-ins are a great way to organize and give yourself a dedicated space for certain items. Check out these beautiful built-ins!

Who does a good deep clean after the holidays? When we take down the Christmas tree and start putting everything away, I just release a sigh of relief. I love it all, but it is nice to have the space and the simplicity back again. So if you are like me, and ready to get some New Years cleaning done, check out this post on Home Sweet Home On A Budget: Spring Cleaning! I think it’s always a great time of year for a good deep clean!

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media wondering how some people have some beautiful homes? We have put together a post on Home Sweet Home On A Budget: Master Bedrooms by Bloggers so that you can see their rooms, as well as how they put them together. The bedrooms featured in this post were decorated using, in most cases, more elbow grease than cash.

The following bathrooms are the result of a ton of DIY effort by some hard working bloggers. These bathrooms are great examples of how doing something special for yourself doesn’t have to cost a bundle. And when you take a nice hot shower or time to relax in the tub, who doesn’t want a room that you can enjoy and feel at peace in? Check out these Home Sweet Home On A Budget: Master Baths By Bloggers and see how they created a little haven for themselves!

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