How to Pet-Proof Your Home

Your home is an important place where life needs to be protected and safe from potential threats. Pets are already part of the family. Just like the children and other members of the family, pets should also be protected against things that may harm them. How are you going to do that? Well, one best and most effective way to do this is to pet-proof your home.

Pet proofing your home takes time, effort and knowledge to do everything properly. Pet owner should also consider the possible damage that their pet may cause to some of their personal belonging hence; they need to take necessary steps as soon as possible. Preferably, pet proofing needs to occur prior to bringing a pet home. However, it can also be done with home improvement projects. Also, remember that pet-proofing your home covers the entire area of your house.

Do you know how to pet-proof your home? Well, here are the lists of some of the best steps you need to consider in pet proofing every area of your house.

Laundry Room and Bathroom

  • Place any kind of chemical into a cabinet and always keep it close.
  • Close the door to the dryer and washing machine when not in its use.
  • Check the inside portion of the dryer and washing machine before using it especially when you unexpectedly left it unattended and open.
  • Store all bathroom and laundry cleaners in a cabinet.
  • Close lids of the toilet when not in its use.

Living Room

  • Cover or move electrical wires or cords to make sure that your pets will not chew them.
  • Never try leaving some candles unattended.
  • Place strong fire screen just in front of your living room’s fireplace when in use.
  • Keep toys of the children away from your pet when not in use.
  • Dispose old batteries properly and keep others in a cabinet or closed drawer.
  • Check some plants in your living room and determine if it is poisonous to your pets are not. If possible, buy only those non-toxic plants that will not cause any harm to your pet.


  • Make use of those garbage cans having secure lids. You also need to assure that these garbage cans are closed all the time.
  • Keep all kitchen cleaners inside a cabinet.
  • Block access that leads your pet to your refrigerator or some other kitchen appliances.
  • Put all your foods in cleaned and covered container. Do not just leave them uncovered on your table.
  • Keep all kitchen utensils in a cabinet away from your pet’s reach.
  • Consider using safety gates to prevent your pets from going into your kitchen especially when you are cooking.


  • Keep all your windows closed especially when your bedroom is on the upper floor. This is just to prevent your pets from unexpected falls.
  • Check all windows if they have screens with guaranteed good and secure condition.
  • Use jewelry boxes or containers to store hairpins or jewelry.
  • Cover cords inside the room.
  • Check drawers or closets before trying to close them. This is just to assure that small pets you have are not hiding in the cabinet.

Pet proofing is one way of making sure that everything and everyone inside the house including pets are safe and protected. If you follow the above-mentioned tips on how to pet-proof your home, you will never get to worry having pets inside your house.  To learn additional tips, you can visit your local veterinarian clinic and speak to experts there.  We request visit our veterinarian clinic in Weddington, NC to speak to the wonderful staff there for ideas.