My Top 10 Home Organizing Products

  1. NEATKIDS Closet Max Organizing system by NeatFreak.  Designed specifically to hold kid-size items, this is a very functional, hanging closet organizing system that’s fun, affordable and can grow with your child.  It’s made of durable nylon strapping, has two different patterns to choose from, there`s no tools needed for assembly and it`s super quick to put up, hanging from your existing closet rod.   You can customize and mix and match your pieces.
  2. 6 SHELF HANGING SWEATER organizer.  This product hangs from your existing closet rod and is made to hold sweaters neatly in your closet.  However, I like to use it in entry hall closets to hold dress boots.  It keeps them in good shape & off the floor. This product retails for approximately $24.00 and is available at Solutions – Your Organized Living Store.
  3. DAY JA VIEW Recurring Events Calendar.  This calendar won the 2011 Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award. Based on a school year, it’s great for a busy family to track recurring events, activities, appointments, meetings and projects in minutes and is easy to use for the whole family. It retails for approximately $29.00 available at
  4. RISE AND HANG Weekender Bag by Rise Luggage. Born out of the frustration of keeping organized while travelling and not wanting to put clothes in a hotel dresser for fear of germs, bed bugs or mold, the Rise and Hang system effortlessly keeps clothes where they belong.  Shelves within the luggage hold all your clothes organized and in separate compartments and the bottom can be used as a hamper for dirty ones. It is currently available at Evex Luggage, Mississauga, Ontario or available at for $149.00.
  5. CLOSETMAID closet storage components. I use these products frequently in closets. Especially the 2 shelf horizontal organizer which is great for organizing shoes on the top shelf or floor of a closet to maximize the use of vertical space. This particular item retails for about $17.00 and is available at Solutions – Your Organized Living Store.
  6. TRUNKI ride-on case for kid’s stuff is good for storage but also doubles as a great travel case with built-in seating for those long waits at the airport.  Priced at about $44.00, it is available at Mastermind, Indigo and Chapters stores.
  7. TROFAST storage combination from Ikea is a great storage idea that grows with your child by adding bins shelves and lids.  Available at
  8. GRID-IT, the ultimate organizer by Cocoon Innovations. Their wide variety of products provide the most versatile system to organize everything from your digital devices to personal items in any bag or case.  Made of rubberized woven elastic you can store items in any configuration.  I especially like the 8 x 12 organizer which is great for students to contain all their school items in one easy spot. It comes in several colours and has a zippered pocket on the back of the organizer as well.  Retails for $19.99 and is available at
  9. FROGBOX is a very sturdy, plastic moving box for a convenient, affordable & eco-friendly way to pack and move.  These boxes are rented and delivered directly to you, then picked up when you are finished with your move. It is a great alternative to cardboard and there are no cardboard boxes at the end of the move to break down and get rid of. You can rent them on-line at
  10. KNIFAWAY is an efficient, simple and practical storage option for storing kitchen knives, especially if you’re in a small condo where counter space is at a premium. It attaches to the back panel of your cupboard door and also works to keep knives out of reach of young children. Retails for $19.99 and is available at