High-Tech House Hunting- 5 Websites To Simplify Your Search

House hunting can be such a headache, brought on by hours of pouring over real estate ads in the paper and frantic phone calls with agents. Most people will tell you it’s well worth it in the end. After all, you have to put in the work to reap the rewards. But what if you could get to the end result without all the hassle? Not to say that there won’t be any work involved, but technology really has come far in many ways. These days, there’s a website for just about everything. Here are five online resources that can be implemented in your search for the perfect home.


If the title isn’t enough of a giveaway, Pinterest is a social media website that allows for organized photo sharing on the basis of interests and themes. As a Pinterest user, you can “like” pictures of homes, browse other pinboards for inspiration, and pin things to your own board(s). It’s a great place to not only get ideas for interior and exterior house design, but also to display and share the house-hunting journey with friends and other users.


This mobile app allows you to create smart notebooks, or interactive visual aggregates of all the pictures you take of houses for sale. You can also use the Google Chrome browser extension to take clippings of homes you like from realtor.ca and organize them by neighbourhood for ease when searching. Wherever you go, you can refer back to this mobile app and easily access any home you’ve stored.


The most visited real estate site on the web, Zillow offers free search and other tools to real estate professionals and home owners alike. Filter your search by size, price, or sale by agent or owner. Also, Zillow users benefit from customized emails notifying them of new homes added to the site that match desired criteria. Apple, Android and Windows users can download the free Zillow app, which uses Google Maps data and searches listings by voice, text, or GPS input.


This site is similar to Zillow.com in that it simplifies the search process. In addition to the convenient filter options, Redfin matches buyers with agents who can be of help in the house hunting process- most often a Redfin agent, if not an agent who is a Redfin partner. For homebuyer novices, the website offers a detailed guide to home-buying. From mortgages to choosing a lender, everything is outlined in the online guide.
Mortgage Calculator App


Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

simplifies the process of number crunching by breaking down mortgage numbers into tables, graphs, charts, and a summary of the mortgage breakdown. Zillow offers a similar calculator app, and the iTunes App Store is swimming with free and priced mortgage calculators that more or less serve the same purpose: making your mortgage easier to understand.


There are lots of tools available to find your dream home

These are just some of the tools that can help you find the home of your dreams.  Searching, organizing and then deciding what home is the perfect fit for you is an exciting adventure, good luck!