Going Country – How to Add Casual Elegance to the Home with Country Style as Inspiration

Going Country – How to Add Casual Elegance to the Home with Country Style as Inspiration

beautiful sofa in classic homeThere is just something about country homes that make them look rich and sophisticated. There is an air about these homes that bring you back to an earlier time, when casual elegance was the norm and not just a trend. If you wish to get the handsome style that country homes are known for, you’re in luck. Found below are tips you can follow to add pastoral panache to your home, no matter where you live. You definitely don’t need to reside in the country to have a country home—all you have to do is get inspiration and bring the country feel home with you.


Choose red for doors

When it comes to country homes, even doors have character. These by themselves evoke classic beauty. However, don’t think you have to replace your old doors and get new ones. All you really need to transform your doors is paint. Not just any paint colour will do, though—if you want rustic, you’re going to have to go red. Be careful with the shade you choose: what you want is a rich and sophisticated hue, something akin to burgundy. You would want a deeper colour, not the bright one usually found on barn doors and church entrances.


Opt for gray or green for the interiors

There are two colours that can surely add refinement to your home and give it a country home feel: green and gray. Subdued shades of both colours will surely add handsomeness to your home’s interiors and make you feel like you do reside somewhere in the country. However, a combination of both would offer a better effect. Choose a gray-green colour for either your sitting room, dining room or kitchen and see for yourself how big a difference it can make to the space. Complement the colour by adding a trim in off-white or a similar shade. The colour will look beautiful with the play of light.


Add a weathered piece

Think that country homes only have polished furnishings? Think again. Yes, country homes look rich and sophisticated, but they aren’t stark or stiff looking. In a sense, they do look formal but they are in no way stuffy. One great thing about country homes is that they look grand but homey at the same time, and this is the kind of look you have to achieve. Start by getting a weathered piece to your home, like a cupboard or armoire. Choose one that looks like it has gotten the ‘shabby chic’ treatment, one that looks aged with chipped paint but still has loads of charm. The vintage look of the piece will lend the space where it will be placed a cosier feel, making your home look more comfortable in the process. You have the option to get an aged piece from the flea market or similar establishments, or age an existing piece yourself.


Utilize old suitcases in lieu of nightstands

If you are going to the flea market to get your weathered piece, you might as well keep your eye out for old suitcases. These are worthy additions to your home because they have that vintage look and character that brings warmth to any true country residence. Get a couple of these suitcases and stack them up to use as night tables. With these, you get extra storage too—hide books, linens or other items inside the suitcases to free up some shelf or cupboard space.


Find a wicker trunk

Speaking of storage, another thing you should get for your country-inspired home is a wicker trunk. Back in the day, these were used for picnics on the countryside. Even if you have no plans to go on a picnic, you can use these trunks to store seasonal items like holiday décor or linens. You can also use the trunk as a coffee table or bench (just add a cushion on top for comfortable seating).


Use the right prints

Give your home a country atmosphere by using the right prints throughout the house. One print that truly conveys rustic elegance is plaid. You can have some chairs or a sofa reupholstered in wool plaid or get some seat covers in the same pattern. In fact, you can just get a plaid blanket and hang it over the back and seat to instantly get the look. Aside from plaid, there are other patterns and fabrics that can add sophistication to your home. Add texture to your living area and master bedroom by layering the likes of houndstooth and tweed.


Select country-inspired accessories

Accessories go a long way. If you pick the right ones, you can channel the country home vibe without having to break the bank. So what accessories should you be adding? Artwork about or inspired by horses, pitchers (new or old, used as flower holders) and even a bowl full of apples, just to name a few.


This article was written by Rebecca Messer. The author has penned many articles over the years, covering a wide range of topics. The subjects she considers as favourites include home improvement and Double Glazing in Edinburgh by City Glass.