How to Find a Mattress that Can Treat Your Back Pain

When you experience back pain upon waking up in the morning, one of the most likely culprits is poor bedtime posture. And if you want to correct your posture in bed, you’re going to need the right mattress.

Mattress shopping is never an easy task. It’s even more difficult if you’re looking for a mattress specifically to deal with your back pain. And if you want to do it right, the first thing you need to remember is that…

The Longer the Trial Period, The Better

Everyone’s experience with back pain is a little different than the next person. Certain body positions or bedtime postures are better for some people and bad for others. In the end, only you can really ascertain whether or not a certain treatment lessens the pain or just makes it worse.

That’s why, when it comes to mattresses, a lengthy trial period is key. Don’t settle for 5 to 15-minute lie-down trials in mattress stores where you can’t even relax in the first place. Days or week-long trials might not cut it either.

If possible, see if there’s the option to try the mattress you’re interested in for at least a month or so.

This is crucial because it’s the only way to really tell whether or not that mattress can give you healthy sleep for years. No matter how expensive they are, mattresses, along with how your body responds to them, can change over a few weeks.

The mattress might get a little softer through regular use; also, your body might need a couple weeks to adjust to the new feeling. And the only way to see if you’ll still be comfortable in the long run is if you test it out for a month or more.

So look for mattress retailers/manufacturers that offer month-long or 100-day trial periods with money-back guarantees. Failing that, be creative and look for ways to try out mattresses that might do the trick. Call up hotels/motels and sleep on both firm and soft mattresses to see which is better for your back.

Whenever you stay in a hotel or a friend’s house and wake up feeling absolutely refreshed, jot down the mattress brand and model for future reference. Experiment and take note of mattresses/alternative sleeping surfaces that allow you to sleep soundly and comfortably.

The more you try out certain brands/models/firmness levels, the better you can choose one that’s perfect for your back.

No Single Firmness Level Can Cure Everyone’s Back Pain

This is why trying out new mattresses before committing to any purchase is very important. Each firmness level comes with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Soft mattresses tend to be better for those with wider hips; a little give can allow the hips to comfortably sink and stay in a posture that better supports the spine. This type of firmness is also perfect for people who sleep on their sides most of the time.

In several studies, most people actually prefer medium-firm mattresses for addressing back pain. The caveat is that these are usually made of memory foam that may feel hot in the middle of the night, causing discomfort during sleep.

Firmer mattresses or sleeping surfaces used to be the recommended cure for back pain. But through recent advances in sleep-related research, experts say that a firm sleeping surface might not be ideal for every single person experiencing back pain.

It might even benefit you to try alternative sleeping options. Hammocks can allow you to sleep in the best posture for your spine when they’re set up correctly (with consideration to your weight and height). The traditional Japanese futon over a tatami mat might also do wonders for keeping your spine aligned throughout the night.

Again, the key is to try out different surfaces/options to really see and feel which one is right for your back. And remember: record the firmness levels of each surface that you try along with how well you slept on that surface. This will not only help you in picking out the perfect mattress, it can also provide your doctor with accurate information in case your back pain worsens.

In case that happens, don’t give up! Knowing which mattress worsens your back pain only crosses out options on your list, bringing you closer to finding the one that’s perfect for your personal needs.