Easy DIY 2×6 Waterfall Bench Tutorial

Easy DIY 2×6 Waterfall Bench Tutorial

Learn how to build an easy wood 2×6 bench from just 3 boards! This modern DIY waterfall bench tutorial is easy for beginners and includes detailed woodworking plans. 

Want a different style DIY wood bench? Try this $25 easy DIY farmhouse bench and this 2-board outdoor garden bench. 

Back when we showed you our easy entry makeover, we debuted this super easy 2×6 bench with storage underneath.

This sturdy wood bench has been just the thing that we needed in our entryway.

It’s affordable to build this bench from basic construction lumber, or you could use redwood decking to make an outdoor bench.

The simple shape and easy modern waterfall edge give this wooden bench just the right style. And all the open space under the seat makes it perfect for putting storage bins under the bench!

Get the plans to build this simple 2×6 bench for your entryway, patio, porch, garden, dining table… anywhere!

How to Build a Modern Waterfall 2×6 Bench

Here is the tutorial for the 2×6 modern waterfall bench that we designed and built for our entry.

This bench is perfect for a beginner woodworking project: no angled cuts, a few pocket holes, and a bit of sanding.

See how we made this bench in about a minute! (AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel to see all our new tutorials!)

Below you will find the general instructions on how to build your own.

2×6 Bench Dimensions

Finished bench dimensions: 72” L x 16 ½” D x 18” H

We built our entryway bench from construction grade 2×6 pine boards.

For an outdoor bench, use redwood or cedar 2×6 boards instead, like we used for this outdoor concrete and wood bench.

Be sure to check all planks to get them as straight and square as possible. See our tips for picking good lumber here. 

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Prepare & Cut Bench Leg Pieces

Cut the legs pieces to length following the cut list in the PDF plans.

Each bench leg requires one longer piece and two shorter pieces. This allows the bench top to overlap for the modern waterfall edge. 

Drill the pocket holes as shown in the plans, so you can edge-join the leg pieces together and join the legs to the bench seat.

Sand all the leg pieces using 80-120 grit sandpaper. Round the cut edges to match the rounded factory edges on the other edges of the boards.

Step 2: Assemble 2×6 Bench Legs

Attach each set of three 2×6 bench leg pieces together along the edges using pocket hole screws, to make the two side legs.

TIP: Be sure to use a straight edge and clamp to keep the bottom of the legs straight and flush.

Step 3: Prepare and Cut 2×6 Bench Top Pieces

Cut the three bench top 2×6 pieces to length as listed in the woodworking plans.

Drill pocket holes on the bench top pieces as shown in the plan illustrations, to edge-join the bench top and join the bench seat to the legs.

Sand all the pieces using 80-120 grit sandpaper, rounding the cut edges to match the factory edges.

Step 4: Assemble 2×6 Bench Seat

My workbench has gotten an upgrade! Check out my new table saw workbench.

Attach the 3 – 2×6 bench seat pieces together with pocket hole screws, to make the top of the bench.

Tip: Use a scrap 2×6 to ensure the correct offset for the shorter of the bench top boards.

Step 5: Attach the Bench Legs to the Seat

Attach the sides (legs) to the bench top using pocket hole screws in the remaining pre-drilled pocket holes.

Finishing the Bench

The best part of building your own wood bench is that you can finished as desired!

We decided to leave ours natural with no finishes.

What do you think of this modern waterfall 2×6 bench?

First published 17 Jan 2017 // Last updated 13 Jan 2022

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