5 Tips for Landscaping your Yard

Beautiful back yardYou just built that house of your dreams. Everything is perfect, except your yard.


Your house will never be complete without the proper landscaping. Your front yard is the first thing that anyone will see, and if it fails to match the house in terms of elegance and design, it will fail to make a good impression. It doesn’t need to be exquisite, but it should be well done. That means taking advantage of the space you have, no matter how big or small, and making it livable. There’s no use in having a yard if you’re not going to enjoy it.


Here are five tips for landscaping your yard, whether it’s a huge front yard, small back yard or just a simple patio on the side of your house:


Eliminate water worries


Water can make or break your yard. As a rule of thumb, Murphey’s law applies to landscaping like it does anything else—if something can go wrong, it probably will. Especially if you live in a climate that gets a lot of rainfall, Mother Nature will find a way to put water where you don’t want it. If you don’t get much rainfall, Mother Nature will avoid the area where you need it most.


Standing water can ruin a lawn, garden or patio and leave it unsightly and completely unusable. This often happens due to the grade or slope of the ground. In order to avoid this problem, make sure that you properly position drains and downspouts, and then test the ground to make sure rainfall drains equally.


Plan ahead


Just like you wouldn’t start tearing out walls in your house before you come up with a blueprint, you shouldn’t begin a landscaping project without a sound plan in mind. Many people do not understand that blueprints are just as important for yards as they are for houses, and as a result get a mismatched and aesthetically unappealing yard. Though it takes time and effort, it will be well worth it come springtime, when you can sit back and enjoy your yard.


Pick your plants precisely


You might love palm trees and tropical plants, but if you live in Minnesota or a similar cold climate, more than likely they won’t survive too long. One of the most important aspects to planning your yard is picking plants that work well in your specific environment. The success of your garden depends on several factors, such as weather patterns, soil type, plant life, and animals, to name a few. Experiment with a few different types, just make sure you don’t spend thousands in the process.


Buy in bulk


Bulk items tend to be much more expensive at a hardware store than they are with a local landscaping company. Sure, the convenience of picking up a bag or two is great for small projects, but when it comes to a full-scale landscaping projects, it is best to go with the pros. Shop around for different companies and figure out which ones offer the best products and a quality rate. You can use your money saved for accessories, such as that hammock you want.


Consult the professionals


Don’t worry, you can still do the majority of the work yourself. When it comes to the planning, though, you might want to consult a professional, even if it just means asking them to look at a blueprint you draw up yourself. Like with many other projects, a professional will be able to guide you in the right direction while also saving you time and money.


Landscaping can be fun, and in the long run, it is almost always well worth the time and effort you will put in. You can have a simple, patchy lawn with a few dead plants, or you can have the backyard you always dreamed of with only a few extra hours per week. Best of all, you can have the satisfaction knowing that it is yours.