5 Qualities of Effective Real Estate Agents

Real estate canadaBuying or selling a house is among the most important decisions you will be making. You cannot trust your investments to just anyone. Be wise when choosing a real estate agent. This person, remember, shall be representing you.

Below are 5 qualities you should be on the lookout for when hiring a real estate agent to work with you.


They are natural to networking.

If you are selling property then it is essential that your realtor has good working relationships with other agents.


From interviewing the realtor to asking the right questions, you will be able to determine whether the person you’re talking to is dedicated or is serious about his business.


A real realtor knows a lot about houses that are sold as well as their current selling price in the market. They should be well versed of the property’s location and provide you suggestions how you can raise your property’s worth.


Inquiring about the number of contracts they have sold or are selling in a  year can give you clue as to their ability. At least 10 houses sold a year can make enough proof that a realtor is an experienced one.


You will be working with this person for a year or even a month so you must feel comfortable with them around. You should be confident that they’re know what they’re saying.


They assist you with your concerns.

You cannot expect real estate agents to be able to get back to your messages  right away or answer each of your call every time.


These people are always on the go so chances are they might not notice you calling or might not be able to respond to you immediately. Nevertheless, realtors who are responsible shall get back to their client’s queries as soon as they read or see the missed call.


Wait until the next 24 hours. If the realtor makes it a habit not getting back to you unless you visit them, then move on to your next option.


They welcome you during open house events.

This is when you can come close to an agent and be able to gather information you need about buying a property or selling a house. Do not worry that your interest is not on the unit being sold per se.


Sellers also know and anticipate that many will be approaching them during an open house event not for the unit presented necessarily but regarding another property.


Interview the agent and gauge whether they are being realistic. When their promises are too good to be true then chances are they aren’t. You need honest people who will be able to offer solutions to your problems.


They never make you sign a contract during your first meeting.

You should be able to take your time exploring options.


A real estate agent who encourages you sign a deal before you even scout a house might only cause you more troubles in the end.


You will have no choice but to stick with the person even if they’re being inefficient. Make sure that you as well have conducted a research about the person’s professional background, and work ethic.


They are tech-savvy.

Since we’re living in the digital age, it is also another advantage if your realtor is connected to social media.


This makes getting in touch with them easier. And it only makes sense as usually the first step to acquiring or selling a house is through the Internet.


You can be at an essay writing camp with the kids or at work perhaps and still raise questions to your agent.


Author Bio:

Nettie Gray’s first realtor would always pass her concerns to an assistant. She and her husband felt their needs are disregarded so off they went to another agent.