19 Dreamy Laundry Room Ideas [+ Video Tour] | Remodelaholic

19 Dreamy Laundry Room Ideas [+ Video Tour] | Remodelaholic

Get more laundry room ideas in our collection of 100+ Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas, including ideas for closet laundry rooms. 

Home by E Builders and Erin Hansen Design

Dreamy Laundry Room Ideas

I never dream of doing laundry (since that would be a nightmare).

But when I DO think about laundry, I’d much rather wash and dry the clothes in a dream-worthy laundry room!

We’ve collected 19 of our favorite laundry room ideas from local Parade of Homes shows to share with you.

Most of us don’t have large and spacious laundry rooms like some of these, but we believe that a Remodelaholic can draw inspiration and bring high-end style to any size laundry room!

Take our video tour of dreamy laundry room ideas and tell us which is your favorite: 

19 Laundry Room Ideas to Emulate

Below you’ll see additional photos of these beautiful laundry rooms. We’ve also included a few decor picks to help you bring the style into your home.

(Can’t see our lookalike recommendations below each photo? Turn off your ad-blocker and refresh the page.)

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Laundry Room Idea #1: Laundry Sorting Station

Home by Utah Professional Women in Building with Allison Campbell Design

This mid-sized laundry room features beautiful blue cabinets and a patterned tile floor — and FIVE rolling laundry sorter baskets tucked under the folding counter!

This is a great idea for a large family. We found lookalike rolling laundry hampers here. 

Laundry Room Idea #2: Wallpaper

Home by Flagship Homes with design by Studio Mcgee

An accent wall takes a small boring laundry room to a new level of style!

Wallpaper is popular right now, especially with new lines of removable peel and stick wallpaper — or use a painted accent wall or hand-stamped pattern instead.

(Look closely to see the added texture from the embossed subway tile backsplash, too!)

Laundry Room Idea #3: Floating Shelves

Home by E Builders with Erin Hansen Design (see more of this home tour)

This large laundry room features extra countertop space, cabinets, and a desk. In a smaller laundry room, use similar floating shelves above the washer and dryer as a chic way to add organization.

Flank the shelves with cabinets (if you have the space) for extra hidden storage.

Laundry Room Idea #4: Gray Cabinets

Home by Symphony Homes and Mountain West Interiors

Gray cabinetry is hot in the kitchen, so why not the laundry room, too?

You can see how this green-gray changes colors depending on the lighting, while looking great with the light gray machines and gray hexagon tile.

Laundry Room Idea #5: Combine Open & Closed Cabinets for Storage

Home by Heritage Custom Homes and Erin Hansen Design

This custom home laundry room is basically its own suite!

Home by Heritage Custom Homes and Erin Hansen Design

Even if you don’t have room for a full space like this, the built-in storage on either side of the double washer and dryer area is smart for a big family.

Laundry Room Idea #6: Closet Laundry Room

Home by RC Dent Construction with Remedy Furniture and Design (see more of this home tour: living room, kitchen, and home office)

See, even parade homes have small closet laundry rooms!

Okay, this was a second laundry room, but still, I love the use of space.

Keeping some open space with a beautiful tiled backsplash helps the small space feel functional and clean without being cluttered.

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Laundry Room Idea #7: Textured Wall Treatment

Home by Visionary Homes and Possibilities for Design, Doris Pearlman

This entire home is an example of great texture in wall treatments, flooring, cabinetry, and even the ceiling in some rooms! So why should the laundry room be plain.

This really simple horizontal board and batten treatment would be so easy to add to your laundry room, too!

Laundry Room Idea #8: Buffalo Check Tile Floor

Home by Split Rock Fine Homes

This checkered plaid flooring style is easy to get (and DIY) with basic solid color square tiles, laid in a pattern to form the popular buffalo check pattern on the floor.

Laundry Room Idea #9: Built-in Machines

Get a high-end look in your laundry by building cabinets around the machines! This replaces the pedestal and elevates the washer and dryer while adding so much functional storage.

Keeping open shelving with baskets is a great way to organize odds and ends and laundry baskets, too.

Laundry Room Idea #10: Bold Colored Cabinetry

Home by DG Ventures, LLC with Boulevard Home Furnishings, Elena Thomas & DG Ventures, Heather Gardner

I love the muted deep green color of these laundry room cabinets!

The stacked washer and dryer also free up space for a very ample amount of storage and a nice length of countertop in a small laundry room, too.

Laundry Room Idea #11: Add a TV

Home by AJ Construction with The Design Studio at Split Rock (Julia Childs)

This framed TV is so unobtrusive, and perfect for folding laundry or working on other projects at the table in this dreamy large laundry room! (I’ve got a crush on that chandelier, too — found a similar one here.)

No space for a TV? Use an easy DIY tablet stand to hold your phone or tablet in whatever space you’re folding laundry.

Also, peep that chalkboard with a sconce over it… such a great feature and so easy to DIY! Use our plans to build the message board — just swap in a chalkboard panel for the glass in the tutorial.

Laundry Room Idea #12: Decorate with Greenery

Home by Interstate Homes

If a room feels lifeless, adding something living helps! Greenery and plants don’t actually have to require watering to add to the aesthetic, though 😉

This classic black and white room with wood floors (or luxury vinyl plank that looks like wood) maintains a comfortable and homey farmhouse feel with a few baskets and plants for decor.

Laundry Room Idea #13: Folding Counter Island

This laundry room has so much going for it! The custom cabinetry built in around the stacked machines gives so much space, and then the sink vanity details, the hanging light fixture… I could go on  and on.

If you can make room for it, a folding counter or island like this is a great way to make your laundry room useful!

Laundry Room Idea #14: Add a Wrapping Station

Home by Anderson Custom Homes with Tasteful Trends by Angie Marshall

A folding counter can double as a wrapping station with a countertop wrapping paper holder.

Home by Anderson Custom Homes with Tasteful Trends by Angie Marshall

You can also save counter space and use a wall-mounted organizer like we did for our easiest ever wrapping station here.

Laundry Room Idea #15: Double Duty Pet Space

Home by K Welch Homes with Natalie Welch Design (see more of this home’s master bathroom)

This farmhouse style laundry room features a buffalo check tile floor — and a cozy built-in dog kennel under the countertop.

Using the laundry room as a central station for your pet is a space-smart way to integrate your dog into your home without sacrificing style. (Just be certain to keep detergent and other cleaners out of your pet’s reach!)

I also really love the built-in gift wrap storage in the open shelving above. That would be really easy to build yourself with some dowels.

Laundry Room Idea #16: Stacked Machines

Home by K Welch Homes with Natalie Welch Design (see more of this home’s master bathroom)

You can use a small laundry area like this efficiently by using stacking machines to take advantage of vertical space. Many luxury closets have a washer and dryer right in the walk-in closet!

This closet-sized laundry room has  a classic black and white tile floor and plenty of storage, plus room for decor and folding.

Laundry Room Idea #17: Multiple Lighting Sources

Home by BR Homes with Nicole Baker

One feature I always notice in high-end homes is the amount and variety of lighting. This laundry room features, functional under-cabinet lighting, pretty overhead light sconces and ceiling lights, and LED can-style lights to create a well-lit and comfortable room even without any windows.

Laundry Room Idea #18: Double Washer and Dryer (in a small laundry room!)

Home by Split Rock Fine Homes LLC with Becki Owens Design

This vacation home needed extra machines, and this small laundry area makes it work! There’s even room for a sink, cabinets, and floating shelves.

Laundry Room Idea #19: Add a Sink

Home by Jensen MM Homes & Pools with Allison Campbell Design

Not every laundry room has a free corner like this, but you can add a sink in just a few square feet for extra cleaning power in a small space.

MORE Laundry Room Ideas

All of the above laundry room ideas are featured in the video, but we love these laundry room looks too much to not share them!

Laundry Room Idea #20: Classic White Cabinets and Flooring

Home by Jerry Stubbs Construction (see more here)

A room that does the cleaning should look clean! This classic white laundry room pairs a modern circular mosaic tile with white cabinets and marble countertops for a stunning classic style. Get more tips for this modern white laundry room here. 

A roman shade is also a great pick for a laundry room window, since it looks great while raised or lowered. You can even make your own roman shade or hack a set of cheap mini blinds.

Laundry Room Idea #21: Patterned Tile

If you’re not sure about having a modern patterned tile throughout your home, start small with the laundry room flooring!

This cement patterned tile steals the show, but you can get the same look by painting your existing flooring or even using floor tile decal stickers.

Laundry Room Idea #21: Industrial Pipe Shelving w/Hanging Rod

Home by Shelby Homes with Gatehouse No. 1 Furniture and Design (see more of this home tour)

This two-tone black and white laundry room features checkered tile and fantastic storage space in all the cabinets. What caught my eye was how seamlessly the hanging rod integrates with the modern pipe shelving.

Home by Shelby Homes with Gatehouse No. 1 Furniture and Design (see more of this home tour)

Pipe shelving is an easy DIY, too. Spray paint the shelving hardware for an updated modern style to match this look, or keep it natural black for classic industrial look.

Laundry Room Idea #22: Cabinets to the Ceiling

Home by David Weekley Homes

In case you haven’t noticed — floating shelves and cabinetry are a go-to for laundry storage. This laundry room is right off the garage and has tall ceilings, so taking the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling maximizes  the space and makes it feel nice and large.

If you’re not tall like we are, you might also want to have stepstool storage nearby 😉

Laundry Room Idea #23: Plaid Tile Floor

Home by Brio Homes LLC (see more of this home: shared girls’ bedroom)

Basic square tile gets a whole new look with this buffalo plaid style flooring!  The gray subway tile backsplash adds some contrast up the wall, and white shaker cabinets will be easy to keep clean.

Laundry Room Idea #24: Two Tone Cabinets

Laundry Room Idea #25: Interesting Cabinets

Home by Raykon Construction (see more here)

These cabinets are not only a beautiful shade of gray, but the shutter style doors gives them architectural interest, too.

Combined with the brick-style floor and brass hardware, the look is very classic! See more tips for this French Country style laundry room here. 

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