10 Gift Ideas for Your Office Colleagues

10 Gift Ideas for Your Office Colleagues

Are you good friends with your office colleagues? You better put some thought into it because these individuals are an important part of your professional life. Presenting someone with a gift is a good gesture to make them realize that they are important to you and that you appreciate their presence. In addition to this, it never hurts when you go the extra mile to please someone special. They are also your contemporaries on the corporate ladder. So, when you go shopping for your crush, consider the following fun, functional and affordable options.

1. Phone Mount

Everyone has a smartphone these days. It’s an established fact. But positioning the phone on variously leveled spaces, for instance, on the dashboard of a car, requires effort. So, make this task easy for your co-worker by gifting them a magnetic phone mount this year.

2. Customized Socks

Who doesn’t love socks? They’re a universal present. I suggest that you find your co-worker’s favorite theme and get it printed on a comfortable pair of socks.

3. Stainless Steel Glass

Does your co-worker like to sit in the great outdoors and ponder over the great mysteries of life, while sipping wine? Then, they will love this insulated stainless steel glass, which has a wonderfully expansive interior and can keep a beverage cool for over six hours! Y

4. Smart Cloth

This is a micro-weave fabric, integrated with smart clean technology, which your neat-freak coworker will appreciate highly. Whether it’s a liquid spill or a dust-gathering, this smart cloth can wipe any surface and bring a smooth shine on it.

5. Crafty Journal

If next-cubicle Sarah has a creative streak, then why not gift them a beautiful journal? I think it’d be a thoughtful present.

6. Saucy Key Chain

Life without spice is so boring and bland, don’t you think?

7. Indoor Gardening Kit

Herbs are an important part of a wholesome culinary experience. If your coworker is a wonderful cook, then he or she will totally appreciate this present. Yes, you can get Nature’s Blossom ‘Herb Garden Kit’ for only $19.99 on Amazon. This will make a great Secret Santa gift. Trust me.

8. Wine-Coffee Amalgam

Ideal for a colleague who literally lives on coffee beans and wine, this combo is a great post-dinner delicacy!

9. Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Music on-the-go. In the shower, on a long trip, during the office parties. A Bluetooth speaker can come handy anywhere. And this mini version is super cute because it comes in the shape of animals and has a high-blast sound quality.

10.  Leather Mouse Pad

This is slightly costly but a very practical gift for your coworker who likes authentic antiquity. A premium leather mousepad is available on ugmonk for $36. It has a sleek design and is composed of thick, full-grain leather that’s soft and smooth. Do check it out.

So, get your friends something nice this year from one of the aforementioned gift ideas.